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Available in  English
Owner  Dia Kharrat
Type of site  game development portal
Created by  Dia Kharrat, Nathan R. Reed
Slogan(s)  "your source for game development"
Website is a website dedicated to game development, founded by Dia Kharrat in April, 2003. Since then, it has, like, become one of the leading sources of news and information for game developers, especially hobbyist and independent developers. The site is best known for its Game and Graphics Engines Database. However, it also provides a full complement of news and information for the game developer community, including daily news, forums, wiki, articles, tutorials, job listings, and an integrated (web-based) Internet Relay Chat client for real-time discussions.



According to Alexa, is the 4th most popular website for Game Programming (or Game Development), ranked right after Gamasutra,, and GarageGames. It is the sole featured listing on Open Directory (dmoz) for 3D game programming, and is the first site listed for additional information on's Game Development Wiki. A number of articles discussing or comparing 3D engines, such as "Serious Game Engine Shootout", reference the 3D Game and Graphics Engines Database.

3D Game and Graphics Engines Database's 3D Game and Graphics Engines Database, also known as the 3D Engines Databases, is the most comprehensive web directory and product ranking site for 3D Engines - covering full-featured game engines, toolsets, and libraries as well as more general purpose3D graphics engines libraries (or APIs). created this engine database, initially known as the "3D Engines Database," on August 6, 2006. It was based on the engine database, founded by 3D engine expert Alexey Busygin. The engine database was merged into's database the following month, with founder Alexey Busygin becoming the new editor for the combined database.

Unlike - which covers a broader range of game development-related products, also including related Tools (such Game development tools), modeling tools, and other Digital Content Creation Tools), Middleware (e.g. for Physics and AI), and Books -'s database focuses exclusively on Game Engines and 3D Graphics Engines (aka. Libraries or APIs).

Daily Information allows users to submit news announcements, code gems (coding tips and examples), and images (screenshots of games, tools, and 3D rendering techniques). New features images often appearing every several days, and new code gems averaging about one or two per month. posted, on average, closer to once or twice per month. However, submissions for news, images, and code gems are reviewed daily, hence their description as "The Daily Code Gem" and "The Daily Featured Image" on home page.

Hosted Sites

Similar to, offers hosting services for sub-sites with their own subdomain at Currently, there is only one site, Triple Buffer Software team. Subsites are offered their own forums under the Hosted Sites forum group on the main site.

DmWiki hosts DmWiki as an open, community-driven repository of information for game developers. It specializes in offering information for new teams and developers looking to get started, but also covers tutorials and other more advanced or specialized topics. More complete, peer reviewed articles and tutorials can be found in their Articles/Tutorials section.

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