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Origin  Moscow, Russia
Children  Antoniy Tolmatsky
Spouse  Yulia Tolmatskaya
Name   Kirill Tolmatsky
Role  Hip-hop artist


Birth name  Kirill Aleksandrovich Tolmatsky
Also known as  Le Truk, Giuseppe Zhyostko
Born  July 22, 1983  (1983-07-22)
Died  22 July 1983 (age 36) Moscow, Russian SFSR
Albums  Detsl aka Le Truk, Kto? Ti, Zdes' i seichas, Mosvegas 2012, Ulichnii boets
Awards  International Viewer's Choice Award for MTV Russia
Genres  Hip hop music, Reggae, Ragga

Associated acts  Bad Balance, Timati

Detsl legalize

Kirill Aleksandrovich Tolmatsky (Russian: Кири́лл Алекса́ндрович Толмацкий, born July 22, 1983), better known by his stage name Barney Thorne (Russian: Децл), is a Russian hip hop artist. He graduated in Switzerland and the British International School in Moscow.[1]


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In 1999, Detsl made his debut in the Russian rap scene with the album Who Are You?. In 2001, he released his second album, Street Fighter. After working for three years, Detsl released "Aka Le Truk", his third record, in 2004, signaling that he changed his stage name to Le Truk . Detsl's fourth album, MosVegas 2012, was released in January 2008.

Detsl is a pseudonym Kirill Tolmatskiy gained because of his small height (the word "detsl" in Russian slang means "a little").

"Ещё Один Шанс" - Децл

Who Are You (2000)

  1. Вечеринка у Децла (Party at Detsl's Home)
  2. Нужен только бит (You Only Need the Beat)
  3. Принцесса (Princess)
  4. Москва-Нью-Йорк (Moscow-New York)
  5. Кто ты? (Who Are You?)
  6. Надежда на завтра (Hope for Tomorrow)
  7. Слёзы (Tears)
  8. Черный Змей (Black Serpent)
  9. 12 злобных зрителей (12 Angry Viewers)
  10. Кровь, моя Кровь (Blood, My Blood)
  11. Мы отдыхаем (We're Chillin')
  12. Пятница (Friday)

Street Fighter (2001)

  1. Уличный боец (Street Fighter)
  2. Письмо (Letter)
  3. Не пытайся меня слить (Don't Try to Get rid of Me)
  4. В любви (In Love)
  5. Море (Sea)
  6. Уличные псы (Street Dogs)
  7. Рифмы по-английски (Rhymes in English)
  8. МС Кулак (MC Fist)
  9. Политики (Politicians)
  10. Фиаско (Fiasco)
  11. Нет Войне (No To War)
  12. Весна 8-го дня (8th Day of Spring)

Aka Le Truk (2004)

  1. Intro
  2. Москва (Moscow)
  3. Skit
  4. Рэп - это (Rap Is)
  5. Skit Police
  6. Легалайз (Legalize)
  7. Потабачим (Lets puff some)
  8. Skit Money
  9. Сучки (Bitches)
  10. Пати #2 (Party #2)
  11. Represent
  12. Rap For Real
  13. Pizness
  14. Skit Babylon Shall Fall
  15. War in a Me Backyard
  16. Любовь После Любви (Love After Love)
  17. Личность (Personality)
  18. Бог есть (God does exist)
  19. Москва (Remix) (Moscow (Remix))
  20. Ночь feat. Karina Serbina (Night)
  21. Hidden Track

MosVegas 2012 (2008)

  1. Intro
  2. Ориджинал Врачи (Original Physicians)
  3. Опасный (Dangerous)
  4. Интеграция (Integration)
  5. Пафос, в стиле MosVegas (Pathos, MosVegas style)
  6. Street Music
  7. Cладкий Туман (Sweet Fog)
  8. План (I Have a Plan)
  9. Ещё один шанс (One More Chance)
  10. Нас объединяет Джа (Jah unites us)
  11. Wow
  12. Времени осталось мало! (Little Time Left)
  13. Outro
  14. Время Зажигать (Time To Get It On)
  15. On & On
  16. Just Movin
  17. Track 17

Here and Now (2010)

  1. Начало (Begin)
  2. Воины Света (Warrior Light)
  3. Создатели (Creators)
  4. Надоело (Tired)
  5. Лёд (Ice)
  6. Этот Мир (This World)
  7. Будь Собой (Be Yourself)
  8. Дай Мне (Give Me)
  9. Астрал (Astral)
  10. Calm Down
  11. Hoolahoop
  12. Dancehallmania
  13. Criminal
  14. Connection


He died on 3 February 2019 in Izhevsk at the age of 35 from a sudden heart attack after performing his live set at the private birthday party. 

Coincidentally, he entertained the idea of faking his own death at the exact same age in the 2007 interview to a local news media agency before the concert in the same city he would actually die in.


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