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Detectives in Trouble

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Also known as  Crime Squad
Directed by  Kwon Kye-hong
Genre  Police procedural
Ending theme  "Believe" by T-Max
Written by  Park Sung-jin Lee Soo-hyun Heo Ji-young
Starring  Song Il-gook Lee Jong-hyuk Song Ji-hyo

Detectives in Trouble (Hangul: 강력반; RR: Gangryeokban; lit. Crime Squad) is a 2011 South Korean police procedural television series starring Song Il-gook, Lee Jong-hyuk, Song Ji-hyo, Park Sun-young, Jang Han-sun, Sung Ji-ru and Kim Joon. It aired on KBS2 from March 7 to April 26, 2011 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.



Based on real-life cases, this Korean drama focuses on a group of detectives in the Seoul Gangnam Police Homicide Division who solve crimes with their variety of skills and investigative methods. At the forefront of the team is the hotheaded detective Park Se-hyuk and the cold, commanding police chief, Jung Il-do. Se-hyuk's impulsive, act-first-think-later methods, instincts honed on the streets, and pesky habit of threatening resignation clashes with his superior Il-do's strict, by-the-book style. The two also share a painful past, with Il-do being the detective on the case involving the death of Se-hyuk's daughter. Along with tenacious reporter Jo Min-joo and the rest of the homicide squad, they must now overcome their differences to solve crimes together.

Main cast

  • Song Il-gook as Park Se-hyuk
  • A hot headed detective with an act first think later behavior. He's the father of hae in and joins the police force to help find the truth for his daughter's death. He has a bad relation with his superior Jung Il do as he believes that Jung Il do caused his daughter's death.

  • Lee Jong-hyuk as Jung Il-do
  • Team leader of homicide department team 2 ,later the director.

  • Song Ji-hyo as Jo Min-joo
  • A hot blooded reporter working for shocking. com (last episode joins daily news ). She works with Park se hyuk and gets exclusive news from the homicide department cases and at the same time aids them I'm their investigation. She has a crush on park se hyuk.

  • Park Sun-young as Heo Eun-young
  • Mother of hae in. Divorced wife of park se hyuk.

  • Sunwoo Sun as Jin Mi-sook
  • A police who dreams of joining the homicide department. Before joining the department she works as a patrol police and has a nickname "cold feet " as she will freeze in front of criminals and thus lose them. She dies in ep 7-8 to save a high school girl from a fire accident.

  • Jang Hang-sun as Team leader Kwon Young-sool
  • Retired team leader of homicide department team 2.

  • Kim Joon as Shin Dong-jin
  • Computer genius in homicide department team 2.

  • Sung Ji-ru as Nam Tae-shik
  • Detective in homicide department team 2. Trust park se hyuk wholeheartedly. Neighbor of yu mi and Jo min ju.

  • Kim Sun-kyung as Im Eun-kyung
  • Team leader of homicide department team 2.

  • Kim Jong Kook as Shua In Pang
  • Supporting cast

  • Choo So-young as Yoon Sung-hee
  • Park Joon-hyuk as Kang Sung-chul
  • Lee Min-woo as Lee Dong-suk (guest appearance, ep 1-3)
  • Joo Ho as Choi Tae-soo
  • Choi Min as Byun Sang-tae
  • Hwang Kwanghee as Hyun-soo (cameo, ep 1)
  • Jang Nam-yeol as Ma Jong-pil
  • Evan as Alex Lee
  • Lee Yeong-hoon as Kim Young-tae
  • Park Jung-woo as Kim Chul-min
  • Kim Young-hoon as Ji Young-ho
  • Lee El as Yoo Hye-min
  • Kim Yoon-hye as Lee So-min (guest appearance, ep 7-8)
  • Kim Kyu-chul as Jo Sang-tae
  • Oh Yong as Reporter Nam
  • Lee Yeon-joo as Seol-hee
  • Oh Ji-yeon as Oh Eun-joo
  • Song Shi-yeon as Park Eun-ah
  • Baek Seung-hee as Shin Yoo-mi
  • Won Jong-rye as Il-do's mother (cameo, ep 13)
  • Kim Yoo-bin as Park Hae-in, Se-hyuk's daughter
  • Production

    Kim Seung-woo was originally cast in the role of Jung Il-do, but dropped out for personal reasons a month before the show's premiere and was replaced by Lee Jong-hyuk.

    Sunwoo Sun left the drama after episode 7, reportedly due to her dissatisfaction with how her character was written. She was written out, and replaced on the "squad" by Kim Sun-kyung.


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