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Derby Catacombs

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The Derby Catacombs (also referred to as the Guildhall Catacombs) are a series of tunnels running beneath the city of Derby, most notably beneath the Marketplace and Guildhall. Access to the tunnels is available via a back room of the nearby Tiger pub.



During the Victorian era the tunnels were used to ferry prisoners between the Police Station at 'Lock-up Yard' and the Courts of Assizes, held at the Guildhall. It is reported that Alice Wheeldon (born 27 January 1866) was transported through these tunnels, and locals report her spirit still haunts the tunnels.

Paranormal Activity

In both the catacombs and the nearby Guildhall theatre some paranormal activity has been reported. Sightings of a young child and a woman have been confirmed to be haunting the theatre. The woman is believed to be Alice Wheeldon. The child is unnamed but is thought to be a girl. The most recent sighting was a technician in 2014. He reported hearing a woman whispering in his communication unit. Non of the other technicians could hear this. He also reported hearing a girl giggling, and when explaining the communication system to a colleague (known as 'cans') he heard a young girl say "And mine" (believed to be referring to her own set of 'cans'). All the technicians could hear strange music over the communication system during the show, which they have not been able to place a source to. A little boy is said to roam the catacombs, but there have been no confirmed sightings.


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