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Depot (/ˈdɛp/ DEP-oh or /ˈdp/ DEE-poh) is from the French dépôt which means a deposit (as in geology or banking) or a storehouse. In English, depot can mean any one of a number of things, with minor variances between the different English-speaking countries:



  • Transport hub for freight
  • Motive power depot, where trains and trams are sheltered and eventually maintained when not in use
  • Propellant depot, which supplies fuel to spacecraft
  • Castaway depot, contains stores and survival gear for victims of shipwrecks
  • A train depot, where mainly locomotives are sheltered and repaired
  • Used as a part of railway station's name, because the same place was previously or still is being used as a train shelter and naturally became a railway station as well (e.g. Boise Union Pacific Depot)
  • Bus garage or 'bus depot', where buses are sheltered when not in use
  • Used as a part of bus station's name (e.g. Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot)
  • Technology

  • An application in the Radio Service Software
  • The format for Hewlett-Packard's Software Distributor
  • Military

  • Regimental depot, the headquarters and training grounds of a regiment
  • Main Operating Base, an overseas base for the US military
  • Logistics center
  • Pharma

  • Depot injection, long-term drug delivery by an injection formation (typically 2 weeks - 6 months)
  • Other

  • Depot, Poland, a village
  • RCMP Academy, Depot Division, in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Maxwell Street Depot in Chicago, United States
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