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Denmark Hill Insect Bed

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Type  Geological formation
Underlies  Bluff coal seam
Country  Australia
Thickness  15 cm
Primary  Slate
Unit of  Blackstone Formation
Overlies  Aberdare coal seam
Named for  Denmark Hill
Region  Ipswich
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The Denmark Hill Insect Bed is a Triassic fossil locality in the Denmark Hill Conservation Park of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia. It belongs to the Blackstone Formation (Ipswich Coal Measures Group) dated to the Carnian age (228.0 - 216.5 million years ago). Its coordinates are 27.6°S 152.8°E / -27.6; 152.8. Its paleogeographic coordinates are 59.0°S 105.8°E / -59.0; 105.8.

The fossiliferous layer is located in between the Bluff coal seam and the Aberdare coal seam. It is 15 cm (5.9 in) thick and is composed greenish grey to brownish grey arenaceous shale. The existence of coal seams above and below the layer indicates that it may have once been a lake (lacustrine environment).

The site is noted as a source of well-preserved insect fossils.


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