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Deniz (surname)

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Déniz or Deniz ( Also written Denis in some parts of South America, disambiguation) Is a Spanish-Portuguese surname derived from the French surname De Niz. People with Déniz surnames can be found mostly in the Canary Islands, Azores, Madeira, some parts of the Catalonian region in Spain and in the Americas ( USA, Cuba, etc.).

It is sometimes confused with the Turkish name "Deniz", But they have different origins, pronunciation and meaning:

De Niz: in French means "from Niz" Adaptation of the name of the city "Nice" in France. Therefore De Nice was written Déniz in Spanish and Portuguese. People bearing that surname in Spain and Portugal and their descendent have the surname with French roots.

Deniz is a Turkish surname meaning "sea."

Alternatively, the Portuguese surname deNiz means "from the be-giN'ing", intricately related with the End.

Deniz can refer to the following people:

  • Atiye Deniz (born 1988), Turkish singer
  • Derviş Kemal Deniz (born 1954), Turkish-Cypriot politician
  • Elif Deniz (born 1993), Turkish women's footballer
  • Erhan Deniz (born 1985),
  • Fuat Deniz (1967-2007), Turkish-Swedish sociologist and writer of Assyrian descent
  • Leslie Deniz (born 1962), American discus thrower
  • Okan Deniz (born 1994), Turkish footballer
  • Semih Deniz (born 1989), Turkish Paralympian middle distance runner
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