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Demonizer Zilch

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Written by  Milan Matra
English publisher  Yen Press
Magazine  Monthly Dragon Age
Published by  Fujimi Shobo
Demographic  Shōnen

Genre  Supernatural, Action, Romance

Demonizer Zilch (Japanese: 神殺姫 (かみごろしひめ)ヂルチ, Hepburn: Kamigoroshihime Djiruchi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Milan Matra. The series is licensed by Yen Press in North America.



Sixteen year old Haruomi Io (射緒 (イオ) 春臣, Io Haruomi) is haunted by dreams of how when he was younger his mother, sister, and childhood friend all died in a tragic accident. One day, Haruomi has an inexplicable pain in his chest, and is attacked shortly afterwards by a girl. After he is able to escape from her, he enounters another girl, who shows signs of being surprised to see him. The second girl is even more shocked when Haruomi's eyes begin to glow after he has another fit, this time in the form of a massive headache. She is then ordered by her boss to kill Haruomi, but he is rescued by a demon (also referred to as a "branch" (, Eda)) named Zilch (ヂルチ, Djiruchi). Zilch shares a kiss with Haruomi that infuses his body and strange powers. Haruomi soon finds himself caught in the middle of a war between demons and a religious order called the "Seventh Gospel Organization" (第七福音機関, Dai Nana Fukuin Kikan). As events unfold, he also discovers what actually happened to his lost loved ones.


Haruomi Io
The main protagonist is Haruomi who ashamed for being powerless. As a child, Haruomi was unable to protect those that are precious to him. Encountering Zilch changes his life. Haruomi learns that his father and Levi were researchers of the Goetia institute those sheltering devils and secret arts upon discovery of King Solomon's ring, and he is also part of the experiment, inheriting recuperative powers. Haruomi becomes involve with Seventh Gospel Organization and he takes the role of Annihilator to hunt down rogue devils. He enrolls at Kanmeikan High School. He's easily indulged to Zilch's temptation such as kissing him. He is willing to grant Zilch's wish.
Zilch Kanoa
The lead heroine and "29th Branch" that is the incarnation of the Demon Archduke Astaroth. Zilch is a young girl with pink twin tail hair, having been born within the past two years from Goetia part of the man-made biotechnology to fuse unbaptized female children with one of 72 demons of King Solomon. She is connected by an engagement with Haruomi, having pierced a "Thron" that bears a caduceus seal onto him. Able to manifest more power than ever, she can repulse and distort space around her, and disrupt kinetic energy. She enrolls Kanmeikan Middle School, much to her dismay of not being close to Haruomi. Haruomi's vision reflects that Zilch is somewhat familiar to him.
Tounogi Haime
Tounogi a member of the Seventh Gospel Organization and Shijawa's master.
Kurohazumi Shijawa
She is Tounogi's Branch and the first one that engages Haruomi in a blunt attack. Shijawa is the "25th Branch" that is the incarnation of president of the Dog Kings Glasyalabolas. She specializes in manipulating shadows.
Murohime Yakagi
Murohime is a nun and Annihilator in the Seventh Gospel Organization. She is usually fault in having affair with Haruomi due to her large breast. Murohime's versatility is enforcing her physical abilities. She enrolls at Kanmeikan High School with Haruomi on an undercover mission. It is shown that a Thron is under her chest meaning she has an engagement with an unknown Branch.
Hato Mitsukuri
Hato is the "4th Branch" that is the incarnation of vengeful ghost marquis Gamigin. She is quite knowledgeable and seeks to achieve vengeances. She had pierced a "Thron" into a school teacher, Ms. Mishino, but then extracted upon being discovered by Haruomi and Murohime. Hato didn't have faith in god then when Haruomi force awakens her inner desire to live, causing her to fall for him and pierced a new Thron, that allows the user to cease an individual's five senses.


Milan Matra launched Demonizer Zilch in the October issue of Fujimi Shobo's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age on September 9, 2014. The first manga volume was released in Japan by publisher Fujimi Shobo on March 9, 2015, and four volumes have been released so far. Yen Press announced their license to the series at Anime Expo 2015 on July 5, 2015. Two English language manga volumes have been released, but it is unknown when the third book will come.


The English adaptation of Demonizer Zilch has received reviews from various sources. Sean Gaffney from Manga Bookshelf was rather disappointed with the manga, as it was almost exactly like a manga he had just read. He referred to the main character Haruomi as "passive and aloof", but did go on to say that the fanservice was not "mind-numbingly offensive". Jason Thompson from Otaku USA also reviewed the first volume, criticizing the artwork for making the characters appear doll-like. He also felt that the name dropping of Christian references and the love triangle were unoriginal. Thompson indicated that he had disliked the author's previous work, Omamori Himari, but did not go into detail on the matter. Despite the criticism, the first volume of the English translation ranked at number 7 on the New York Times manga Best Seller list for the week of March 20, 2016.


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