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Demonic Toys 2

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Director  William Butler
Initial DVD release  March 2, 2010
Country  United States
3.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Fantasy, Horror
Film series  Demonic Toys
Writer  William Butler
Language  English
Demonic Toys 2 movie poster
Release date  January 26, 2010 (2010-01-26)
Cast  Selene Luna (Lillith), Michael Citriniti (Dr. Lorca), Lane Compton (David), Muffy Bolding (Malnoonan Bond), Alli Kinzel (Caitlin)
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Tagline  Playtime is Over

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Demonic Toys 2, also known as Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons is a 2010 horror film written and directed by William Butler and produced by Charles Band. It is a slasher film and is a sequel to Demonic Toys, and Hideous!.


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Appeared to take place right after the events of Demonic Toys, an unknown stranger with a pair of gloved hands picks up the pieces of the destroyed toys and starts stitching them together. The only toys the perpetrator could fix correctly were Baby oopsie daisy and Jack Attack. The unidentified man then puts the toys in a crate, and is handed over a suitcase full of cash by another man, who then leaves with the toys. Also with Dr. Lorca is his sweetheart Lauraline and her stepson David, and a little woman named Lillith, who is a psychic of some sorts. Dr. Lorca's driver, Eric accidentally drops a crate that Dr. Lorca wants brought into the house, revealing the Demonic Toys inside it. It is revealed that Dr. Lorca is still collecting oddity toys. He's arrived because Caitlin called and told him about an oddity toy she found within the castle that's able to move. The castle's current owners seldom come there, meaning they're superstitious of everything that's happened in there. The owners decided to empty and sell it to Italian government to make it a historical landmark and keep it open for the public. Caitlin takes them inside the castle and gives them its history. The doll itself was hand carved out of wood with a mixture of fabric elements. Caitlin opens the box and shows them the doll Divoletto. Mr. Butterfield examines the toy and claims it is the oldest toy he's ever seen, made possibly in the 14th century. Caitlin then shows them how it moves. Just tap a wand on the side of the box a couple of times and then it will come to life. After a while, the toy finally moves. Caitlin believes that there are magnets in the wand and when the box is tapped, it sets off the springs and mechanisms inside of Divoletto. However, Lillith thinks differently. Eric suddenly runs in the room and tells them that their cars are gone. Since everything is closed and have no transportation to get back to Rome, Caitlin suggests that they stay at the castle for the night. Meanwhile, Lillith examines Divoletto to catch a vision of some sorts, and sees a vision of the future where Divoletto's killing them all.

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David then smashes Divoletto's head with a shovel, but it's revealed that Divoletto was one of Fiora's personal demons. The demon then sucks Fiora's spirit out of Lillith and brings her through the portal back to hell. The demonic toys then attack them and David cuts their heads off with the shovel, killing them. The next day, David, Caitlin and a spooked out Lillith leave the castle, with the demonic toys remains so no one else can find them, along with the clay vessels containing Fiora's personal demons. The sound of glass shatter is heard, and the painting of Fiora at the castle starts whispering, implying that Fiora's revenge personal demon has been released.


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  • Alli Kinzel as Caitlin
  • Lane Compton as David
  • Selene Luna as Lilith
  • Michael Citriniti as Dr. Lorca
  • Elizabeth Bell as Lauraline
  • Billy Marquart as Eric
  • Leslie Jordan as Butterfield
  • Gage Hubbard as Personal Demon
  • Jane Wiedlin as Baby Whoopsie
  • Soundtrack

    Demonic Toys 2 Subscene Subtitles for Demonic Toys Personal Demons

    The score was composed by American film composer Richard Band.


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    The film was released on DVD in January 2010.

    Featured Toys

    Demonic Toys 2 Demonic Toys 2 2010 HORRORPEDIA
  • Baby Oopsie Daisy
  • Jack Attack
  • Grizzly teddy [ cameo ]
  • Divoletto

  • Demonic Toys 2 Watch Demonic Toys 2 Online Free On Yesmoviesto


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