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Democratic Alliance (Philippines)

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The Democratic Alliance was a leftist party in the Philippines in the 1946 election, primarily former members of the Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (Communist Party of the Philippines). Most supported Sergio OsmeƱa and the Nacionalista Party against Manuel Roxas and the Nacionalista Party (Liberal wing) (now the Liberal Party) during the 1946 presidential elections.

Six from the Democratic Alliance who were elected in the 1946 Philippine House elections were prevented from taking office on grounds of fraud and violent campaign tactics during the election. Their absence helped President Roxas win approval of an amendment to the 1935 Constitution of the Philippines required under Bell Trade Act of the United States Congress. The Bell Act required that the rights to Philippine natural resources that Philippine citizens and corporations enjoyed be extended to U.S. citizens and corporations equally. The Constitutional amendment was ratified in a plebiscite in 1947.

Five of the six Democratic Alliance candidates were allowed to take their seats later, after the amendment was approved.

Following these congressional decisions, many in the Democratic Alliance felt the government biased towards US foreign policy, and resumed the Huk Rebellion.


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