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Demeter Fragrance Library

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The Demeter Fragrance Library (called The Library of Fragrance in Europe) is a Great Neck, New York company that sells over 200 different fragrances based on familiar, "everyday" scents, such as baby powder, dirt, gin & tonic, play-doh and tomato. The fragrances closely reproduce familiar odors, which Demeter calls "single-note, linear-experience fragrances".


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"Demeter" was founded by ex-Kiehl's perfumer Christopher Brosius, in 1993, as a project 'bottle' everyday odors into wearable personal colognes. The first three colognes that were created – Dirt, Grass and Tomato – were launched at New York department stores, Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel, in 1996. The three scents sold well, which led to further introductions to the range and unusual fragrances such as Gin & Tonic, Baby Powder and Play-Doh joined the portfolio.

Brosius sold Demeter Fragrance Library in 2002 to The Freedom Marketing. Mark Crames became the manager.

In 2007 Demeter introduced of the Jelly Belly Collection (based on Jelly Belly jelly bean recipes), Crayon (which smells like a new box of crayons)"smells like that fresh box of crayons on the first day of school"), Pure Soap, and Egg Nog.

In 2015, Demeter launched in the United Kingdom as The Library of Fragrance, because the name "Demeter" is already in use by another company there. That year, Demeter / The Library of Fragrance launched Mountain Air, which is a scent representing the clean air of Alaska.

Actor Clint Eastwood and supermodel Kate Moss have both claimed to wear Demeter's Dirt, while actress Drew Barrymore wears Gin and Tonic.

In 2016, Demeter products are sold in about 35 different countries around the world. In the UK, over 100 fragrances are available from The Library of Fragrance website and the brand's best-sellers can be found at over 1000 Boots stores across the UK and ROI.

Product description

Demeter fragrances are cologne concentration (2-4% perfume oil within the carrier of alcohol), as opposed to more commonly seen fragrance formats, such as "eau de toilette" or "eau de parfum", which have a higher ratio of perfume oil to alcohol and may therefore last longer on the skin of the wearer.

Some of the better known fragrances are Angel Food, Baby Powder, Carrot, Cosmopolitan Cocktail, Leather, Paperback, Play-Doh (created in 2006 to mark Play-Doh's 50th anniversary), Riding crop, Sushi, Pipe Tobacco, Turpentine, Snow, Lime, and Golden Delicious Apple. The fragrances in the line can be combined and layered together so that wearers can create their own fragrances.

Besides its cologne sprays, Demeter Fragrance Library makes other products scented with the same fragrances, including body lotions, shower gels, exfoliant scrubs and room sprays.


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