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Delroy McQueen

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Delroy McQueen

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Delroy mcqueen road to worlds 2013

Delroy McQueen is a former English weightlifter and powerlifter. Delroy competed in the 2002 Commonwealth weightlifting championships in 2002 in Manchester where he won, setting two new Commonwealth records. He snatched 165 kg and Clean and jerked 210 kg.


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Recently Delroy has been looking at powerlifting. He also has set some British national records in the BPC (British powerlifting congress) with a 400 kg squat in the 110 kg class.

Interview with delroy mcqueen at performance fitness 140214


Delroy McQueen Delroy McQueen Olympic Lifters Profiles Lift Up

  • Squat: 445.0 kg (Multi-Ply suits (Unlimited), any material)
  • Bench Press: 240.0 kg (Multi-Ply shirts (Unlimited), any material)
  • Deadlift: 390.0 kg (Multi-Ply suits (Unlimited), any material)
  • Total (of the above lifts): 1065.0 kg (990.0 kg - competition)
  • Squat (Powerlifting) Raw (No suit but all other equipment): 370.0 kg

  • Delroy McQueen Delroy McQueen 420 440kg squat BPC british champs 2007 YouTube

    At the 2008 BPC championships, Delroy won the prize for Best lifter (a car).


    Delroy McQueen QA with Delroy McQueen 090616 YouTube

  • Snatch: 165.0 kg
  • Clean and Jerk: 210.0 kg < All Time British National Overall record.
  • Total: 375.0 kg - 2002 Commonwealth Championships - Manchester (CWF)
  • Olympic Exercises Career Highs

    Delroy McQueen Delroy Mcqueen Deadlift 090116 YouTube

  • Snatch Pull: 175.0 kg
  • Clean: 220.0 kg
  • Clean Pull: 270.0 kg
  • (Full) Olympic Front Squat: 250 - 270.0 kg approx.
  • Full Back Squat: 330.0 kg (100% raw) (before his powerlifting career, he did squats just to assist his olympic lifting)

  • Delroy McQueen Delroy Mcqueen 2deadlift 370mp4 GPC Euro 2010 YouTube


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