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Delirious (1991 film)

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Genre  Comedy, Fantasy
Music director  Cliff Eidelman
Country  United States
5.7/10 IMDb

Director  Tom Mankiewicz
Initial DVD release  April 16, 2002
Language  English
Delirious (1991 film) movie poster
Release date  August 9, 1991 (1991-08-09)
Writer  Lawrence J. Cohen, Fred Freeman
Cast  John Candy (Jack Gable), Mariel Hemingway (Janet Dubois / Louise), Emma Samms (Rachel Hedison / Laura Claybourne), Raymond Burr (Carter Hedison), Dylan Baker (Blake Hedison), Charles Rocket (Ty Hedison)
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Tagline  A Comedy about a Soap Opera Writer Who's Typing without a Ribbon

Delirious 1991 trailer

Delirious is a 1991 fantasy comedy film starring John Candy, Mariel Hemingway, Emma Samms, Raymond Burr, David Rasche, Dylan Baker, and Charles Rocket. The film used Prince's 1982 song as its title theme.


Delirious (1991 film) movie scenes

The film was a critical and commercial failure.

Delirious (1991 film) movie scenes

Delirious 1991 with mariel hemingway emma samms john candy movie


Delirious (1991 film) movie scenes

Jack Gable is the lead writer and producer of the soap opera Beyond Our Dreams. Consumed by his work, he harbors an unspoken attraction to Laura Claybourne, the selfish actress playing the lead character, Rachel Hedison.

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Jack crosses paths with Louise, who is there to audition for the part of Janet DuBois, a character Jack did not want introduced. Jack then has a contentious meeting with his co-producers, the Sherwoods. The Sherwoods reveal that they are displeased with several elements of Jack's outline for the upcoming season and wish to kill off Rachel, due to Laura's outrageous contract demands. Feigning compromise, the Sherwoods immediately hire Arnie Federman, a rival of Jack's, to make the changes they desire. At the same time, Jack has suggested a new character, Jack Gates, a ruthless tycoon. The Sherwoods make no promise of writing Gates into the show, despite Jack's interest.

Delirious (1991 film) Delirious 1991 film Wikipedia

Planning a trip to Vermont for the weekend, Jack is contacted by Laura. She has just broken up with her boyfriend Dennis, the actor who plays Dr. Paul Kirkwood on the show, and wishes to accompany Jack. As Jack loads their luggage into the trunk, Dennis suddenly calls out to Rachel. Jack looks up to see them kissing just as the trunk lid hits him in the head. Upon awakening, he leaves for Vermont alone. Not far out of New York, he crashes his car.

Delirious (1991 film) Delirious 1991 IMDb

Upon waking, Jack finds himself in Ashford Falls Community Hospital, one of the settings of his show. Thinking himself the victim of a prank by the actors, he goes to the window to confirm his suspicions, only to see a real town. Incredulous, he manages to convince Dr. Kirkwood of his good health and checks out of the hospital. He is immediately intercepted by Janet DuBois. She believes him to be Jack Gates, who is seeking to buy a miracle weight-loss formula developed by her late father. Jack rebuffs her, denies he is Gates and says that he is only a writer. As she leaves in frustration, she angrily tells him to "write his way out". On a whim, Jack gets out his typewriter and writes a scene of the local mechanic calling to say that his damaged car is fixed. Immediately after, the mechanic calls and confirms the repairs are finished. Jack realizes that he can control events by writing them.

Delirious (1991 film) Delirious 1991 Movie Review YouTube

Jack seizes his new found power to pursue Rachel, saving her from the death arranged for her by Federman. Despite his writing skills, she ignores him. His efforts are redeemed by the attentions of Janet. He assists her in her efforts to avoid the machinations of the Hedisons, including patriarch Carter and his sons, Blake and Ty. The Hedisons own a large pharmaceutical company, and wish to acquire her formula at any cost. The Federman version of Jack Gates appears, but Jack sends him on a business trip to Cleveland.

Delirious (1991 film) Delirious 1991 Bluray DVD Talk Review of the Bluray

As Jack works to ingratiate himself to Rachel, he continues to run into Janet. The episodes culminate in a party at the Hedison mansion, where Jack accidentally breaks his typewriter. Helen Caldwell, a nurse at the hospital reveals that Rachel and Janet were switched at birth, with Janet being Carter's actual daughter. Rachel is confronted by a gun-wielding Blake, who has been experiencing side effects of an overdose of medication prescribed by Kirkwood, a scheme orchestrated by Rachel. Blake shoots Janet and she is rushed to the hospital, where Rachel convinces Kirkwood to kill her in surgery. Jack must race against time to repair his typewriter and write Janet back to health. As Jack begins to write, he is confronted by Gates, who is furious at having been sent to Cleveland and shoots at Jack with a shotgun, hitting the typewriter.

Delirious (1991 film) Delirious 1991 The Movie Database TMDb

Jack wakes up back in New York, on the set of his own show, tended to by Laura and Dennis. He immediately confronts Laura about her behavior, revealing to her that she will be fired from the show. He confronts the Sherwoods about their plans for the show, and ensures that they will do things his way. He finds Louise in a delicatessen, gets her the part of Janet, and begins a relationship with her.


  • John Candy as Jack Gable
  • Mariel Hemingway as Janet DuBois/Louise
  • Emma Samms as Rachel Hedison/Laura Claybourne
  • David Rasche as Dr. Paul Kirkwood/Dennis
  • Charles Rocket as Ty Hedison
  • Dylan Baker as Blake Hedison
  • Jerry Orbach as Lou Sherwood
  • RenĂ©e Taylor as Arlene Sherwood
  • Raymond Burr as Carter Hedison
  • Andrea Thompson as Nurse Helen Caldwell/Lee
  • Zach Grenier as Mickey
  • Marvin Kaplan as Typewriter Repairman
  • Milt Oberman as Arnie Federman
  • Mark Boone Junior as Cable Man
  • Margot Kidder as Woman in Washroom (uncredited)
  • Robert Wagner as Jack Gates (uncredited)

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