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Deja Vu (1988 film)

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Language  Russian
7.8/10 IMDb

Director  Juliusz Machulski
Deja Vu (1988 film) movie poster
Writer  Alexander Borodyansky, Juliusz Machulski
Release date  November 22, 1988

Deja Vu is a 1988 Soviet-Polish comedy thriller that takes place in Soviet Odessa in 1925 and spoofs a lot of gangster films.


Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes

The Prohibition years. Chicago bootleggers suffer losses due to their betrayal by one Mick Nich - Mikita Nichiporuk. The mob decides to execute the traitor, who escaped to Odessa, USSR, and organized his own bootleg business there. The hitman, Pollack, arrives in Odessa, and realizes how hard it is to make the hit here, as compared to a civilized country like USA.


Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes

The plot takes place in 1925. One of Chicago mobsters Mik Nich (born as Mikita Nechyporuk) flees to Soviet Odessa to escape the revenge of other mobsters. Mob leaders send the best hit-man Johnny Pollack to Odessa. The killer disguises himself as an American entomology professor who wants to visit the grave of his father in Odessa.

Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes

In search of his victim, Pollack gets into the most unbelievable situations arising from the peculiarities of the city of Odessa, as well as from mad historical era. Being the first passenger of the ship voyage New York-Odessa, he is assigned to be accompanied by the Komsomol guide Glushko and is besieged by pioneers and journalists. Jumping from the train and hitting his head, Pollack forgets what he is actually doing there (retrograde amnesia), and tries to live up to his cover as an honest professor. Nechyporuk, in turn, learns about the arrival of the killer and is trying to kill him. Pollack experiences several periods of regain and loss of memory (a periodical Deja vu) while trying to track down Nechyporuk. Finally, Nechyporuk is arrested by Soviet authorities on an unrelated charge and sent to jail. Pollack, having lost the rest of his sanity, ends up in a mental hospital.


  • Jerzy Stuhr as Johnny Pollack
  • Galina Petrova as Klara Glushko
  • Nikolai Karachentsov as Mishka Yaponchik (Mike the Little Jap)
  • Vladimir Golovin as Mick Nich (Michail Nichiporuk)
  • Liza Machulska
  • Viktor Stepanov
  • Oleg Shklovsky as George (Sr. Lt. Perepletchikov)
  • Vasili Mishchenko as Kostya
  • Vladimir Belousov
  • Vsevolod Safonov
  • Gennadi Vengerov as Sanitar Petrovich
  • Vitali Shapovalov
  • Wojciech Wysocki
  • Armen Khostikyan
  • Murad Janibekyan

  • Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes
    Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes Jerzy Stuhr in Deja vu by Juliusz Machulski 1989 photo Studio
    Deja Vu (1988 film) movie scenes  performer from a past Denzel movie who shows up during Flight The cast also includes Bruce Greenwood from both Denzel s St Elsewhere days and D j Vu


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