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Country  United States
Time zone  ChST (UTC+10)
Website  dededo.org
Local time  Sunday 9:08 PM
Territory  Guam
Village Flower  Gardenia jasminoides
Area  77.7 km²
Dededo httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsee
Weather  27°C, Wind E at 13 km/h, 84% Humidity
Neighborhoods  Ghura 501, Lower Astumbo, Astumbo Garden, Kaiser, Summer Palace Townhouse Complex

Living in yigo and dededo guam

Dededo (Chamorro: Dedidu) is the most populated village in the United States territory of Guam. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Dededo's population was just under 45,000 in 2010. The village is located on the coral plateau of Northern Guam.


Map of Dededo, Guam

Dededo guam flea market


The origin of the name Dededo is not clear. It is speculated that it is derived from the Chamorro word for two inches, dededo, or it is a modification of the word dedeggo, meaning "heel of the foot," or deggo, which refers to the tiptoes.


Before World War II, Dededo Village was at the bottom of Macheche Hill. Dededo grew into a major village after the war when the U.S. Navy constructed housing for displaced Guamanians and for laborers coming from off-island to help in Guam's development.

Following Typhoon Karen in 1962, Kaiser Subdivision in Dededo was constructed for islanders displaced by the storm. Further housing subdivisions were constructed increasing the village's population.


Dededo is located at the north central part of the island roughly at the center of population. It encompasses an area of about 30 square miles (78 km2) of Guam’s 209 square miles (540 km2). The headquarters for the Guam National Wildlife Refuge are in Dededo.

Public schools

Guam Public School System serves the island.

The village has six K-5 elementary schools:

  • Astumbo Elementary School
  • Finegayan Elementary School
  • Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School
  • Liguan Elementary School (opened on August 21, 2008)
  • Maria A. Ulloa Elementary School
  • Wettengel Elementary School
  • Vicente S.A. Benavente Middle School and Astumbo Middle School (opened on August 21, 2008) are in Dededo.

    Before 2008 rezoning, some Dededo students continued on to John F. Kennedy High School in Tamuning and some continued on to Simon Sanchez High School in Yigo. On August 21, 2008 Okkodo High School opened.

    Private schools

    Santa Barbara Catholic School is in Dededo.

    Public libraries

    Guam Public Library System operates the Dededo Library at 283 West Santa Barbara Avenue.

    Notable residents

  • Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.
  • Senator Michael San Nicolas
  • Stephen J. Guerrero - board chairman of Coast 360.
  • Mayor

  • Jose M. Garrido (1977–1981)
  • Martin C. Benavente (1981–1985)
  • Patricia S. Quinata (1985–1989)
  • Jose A. Rivera (1989–2001)
  • Scott Duenas (2001–2005)
  • Melissa B. Savares (2005–present)
  • Vice Mayor

  • Martin C. Benavente (1977–1981)
  • Patricia S. Quinata (1981–1985)
  • Jose A. Rivera (1985–1989)
  • Doris Palacios (1989–2001)
  • Melissa Savares (2001–2005)
  • Andrew A. Benavente (2005–present)
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