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Deadly Games

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Dennis McCarthy

First episode date
5 September 1995



Science fiction

Country of origin
United States

Final episode date
17 July 1997

Deadly Games httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM

Created by
Paul Bernbaum S.S. Schweitzer Anthony Spinner

Directed by
Jim Charleston Christopher Hibler Christian I. Nyby II Leonard Nimoy

James Calvert Christopher Lloyd Cynthia Gibb Stephen T. Kay

Jeremy Renner, Christopher Lloyd, Cynthia Gibb, Brent Spiner, Krista Allen

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Deadly Games is an American action science fiction television series that appeared on UPN as part of its 1995 season. The basic plot of the show is about video game characters that come to life, re-enacting their deadly plans for wanton destruction and world domination in the real world. The series was produced by Viacom Productions (1995-aired episodes also had the logo of Paramount Network Television at the end).


Deadly games 01 killshot 1 4


The first episode introduces the protagonist, Dr. Gus Lloyd, an Antimatter physicist, engineer and video game designer who has created a live-action game in his spare time to exert his indignant feelings about people in his life who have all made his life hell on Earth (his father, his ex-wife's mother, his ex-wife's divorce lawyer, his ex-girlfriend, his former employer, a high school football-Quarterback bully, his old camp counselor, etc.); the villains of the game are modeled after all these people. The master villain is Jackal, who is a combination of the devil and Gus' father. The Jackal wears a Vanilla white Ice Cream suit and drives a Chrysler convertible to match.

The hero is "The Cold-Steel Kid," a warrior trying to save the dying world, dons commando wear, and is naturally modeled after Gus himself, and the sometime helplessly captive, sometime active heroine ingenue The Kid is always trying to rescue — "The Girl" — is based on Lauren Ashborne, Gus' ex-wife (wearing the kind of dress of a "Damsel in distress").

In an accident involving an experimental laboratory project, Jackal and the villains step out of the game and into the real world to cause the apocalyptic carnage and domination they were programmed to for the game.

Each week, one of the villains tries to carry out an evil plot according to the rules of the video game, and Gus, Lauren, and Gus' friend Peter Rucker try to defeat and destroy said villain. Almost indestructible and superhumanly strong, each villain is programmed with specific weapons and weaknesses based on that villain's "theme"; e.g., "Killshot's" Achilles' Heel was being sprayed with water, The Boss would "fire" people with exploding pink slips and his weak link was red ink, The Evil Shirley's was dirt and she would be wiped out by having a house fall on her, The Camp Counselor would get burned by being hit with charcoal and would be killed-off by an arrow shot right through his own bulls-eye, The Practical Joker could only be defeated by his master prank being foiled, The Divorce Attorney was a being that sucked up electricity and distributed it in the form of lightning bolts, The Motivational Speaker literally ate bologna and killed people with a gun that ejected audiocassettes and would reduce them to nothing but his audiotape, and he could only be destroyed by eating his own words. He could be slowed down with shots from a paintball gun.

Another weekly bad guy was a corrupted car mechanic that tasered people with a calculator and would be destroyed by seeing his own reflection. And of course, The Garbage Man was damaged by cleaning products and The Orthodontist (as well as his assistant) had an aversion to sugar. All the henchmen were instantly obliterated—going up in smoke and blue light when the Jackal's evil weekly master scheme was foiled. The Jackal's own vice was being hit with a baseball—the very one autographed by Bobby Mercer that Gus got from the only baseball game he ever went to with his own father. Jackal is present in every episode, commanding the other villains and vexing the heroes, usually with a glass of champagne in hand.

Regular characters

The following characters appear in every episode:

  • Dr. Gus Lloyd/The Cold-Steel Kid (James Calvert)
  • Lauren Ashborne/The Girl (Cynthia Gibb)
  • Dr. Jordan Kenneth Lloyd/Sebastian Jackal (Christopher Lloyd)
  • Peter Rucker (Stephen T. Kay)
  • One-time villains

    Each of the following characters appears in only one episode:

  • "Killshot" Tom Rothman (Tom Rathman)
  • "One Mean Mother," Shirley Ashborne/Evil Shirley (Shirley Jones)
  • "The Orthodontist," Dr. Kramer (Christopher Neame)
  • "The Dental Hygienist," Sharon (Dr. Kramer's assistant) (Marjorie Monaghan)
  • "The Boss," Mr. Metcalf (LeVar Burton)
  • "The Divorce Lawyer," Courtney Lake (Victoria Rowell)
  • "The Trash Man," Roy Hopkins (Mike Starr)
  • "The Motivational Speaker," Nathan Abrams (Dwight Schultz)
  • "The Practical Joker," Danny Schlecht (Brent Spiner)
  • "The Camp Counselor," Chuck Manley (Anthony Michael Hall)
  • "The Car Mechanic," Ross Logan (Mark Pellegrino)
  • "The Ex-Girlfriend," Belinda (Beth Toussaint)
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