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Dead Man's Gun

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7.3/10 TV

Composer(s)  Terry Frewer
Original language(s)  English
First episode date  2 March 1997
Narrated by  Kris Kristofferson
7.5/10 IMDb

Genre  Anthology / Western
Country of origin  Canada
No. of seasons  2
Network  Showtime
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Created by  Ed SpielmanHoward Spielman
Cast  Kris Kristofferson, Henry Winkler, Brian Austin Green, Sarah Chalke

Dead Man's Gun was a western anthology series that ran on Showtime from 1997 to 1999. The series followed the travels of a gun as it passed to a new character in each episode. The gun would change the life of whoever possessed it.


Each episode was narrated by Kris Kristofferson. The executive producer was Henry Winkler.

Dead man s gun s1 ep3 my brother s keeper 1997


Set in the Old West, this anthology follows the eponymous artifact, a handsome yet cursed gun that brings either disaster or fortune to whomever possesses it. In some cases in the former, the gun's more villainous owners are often killed at the end of the episode, though there are some points where they live and thusly suffer for their misdeeds.

Similar to shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, there are often twist endings to the stories. For example, in the episode, "The Collector", the main character discovers that his servant is actually the infamous criminal, El Lobo, who then scalps him. However, the series finale, "A Just Reward", gives a twist ending to the series as a whole when it is ultimately revealed that the gun's original owner was the Grim Reaper.

Episode list

Season 1 (1997–1998) (22 Episodes)

  • The first three episodes were aired as a single TV movie
  • The Fortune Teller-What does the future hold for a gypsy fortune teller (Elizabeth Peña) when the gun grants her crystal ball genuine visions of what's to come?
  • Death Warrant-A ruthless bounty hunter (Michael Moriarty), who took the gun from a target, gets a taste of his own medicine when the mother (Kate Jackson) of a boy he accidentally killed puts a bounty on his head.
  • Mail Order Bride
  • The Mesmerizer-After receiving the gun from a mysterious patient, a slimy hypnotist (Ted Shackleford) discovers his skills are dramatically enhanced.
  • Stagecoach Marty
  • The Photographer-Wanting to make a name for himself, a photographer (Gary Cole) begins following the gun and takes pictures of whatever disasters happen.
  • The Resurrection Of Joe Wheeler-A town drunk (Brian Kerwin) must return to his former life as a legendary gunslinger to save his town from a group of outlaws...with a little help from the Dead Man's Gun.
  • The Gambler-Luck finally smiles on a down-and-out gambler (Stephen Lang) when he becomes the gun's latest owner, and has a winning streak. The only catches are that his luck has a time limit...and is only activated when he uses the gun to kill.
  • The Deserter
  • Wages Of Sin- A swindling holy man (Tim Matheson) believes the gun has given him genuine healing abilities.
  • Snakefinger-The gun's newest owner, a safecracker aptly nicknamed "Snakefinger", may find redemption and love when he meets the daughter of his latest target.
  • Season 2 (1998–1999) (22 Episodes)

  • The Judgement Of Joe Dean Bonner-Ruthless criminal and current gun owner Joe Dean Bonner (Brian Austin Green) faces justice at last when he's put on trial...and the jury is made up of all of his victims.
  • Ties That Bind-A farmer(Bruce Davison) is arrested for a crime he didn't commit, and is put on a chain gang.
  • Sheep's Clothing-A lamb becomes a lion when the gun falls into the hands of a meek school teacher (Garwin Sanford), who begins getting back at his tormentors.
  • Winner Takes All- A boxer and his wily manager (Stuart Margolin) try to swindle a small town chisler.
  • Sisters Of Mercy-The gun is stolen by a pair of Irish con artist sisters posing as nuns, who soon become the unlikely heroes of a small town under the thrall of a corrupt banker.
  • Hangman- A hangman (Henry Winkler in his second starring role), who becomes another owner of the gun, must rectify a mistake he made after he spares the life of a reverend accused of rape and murder.
  • The Collector - A tale of three collectors (one is Michael York): a good man, a bad man, and a really bad man, all after a treasure map. And the second just happens to own the gun.
  • The Trapper-A cruel trapper who owns the gun gets what's coming to him when the grandfather of a young Native American woman he raped resorts to the supernatural for payback.
  • The Mimsers
  • The Pinkerton-A Pinkerton detective (Michael Dorn) is called in to investigate the kidnapping of a wealthy man's wife.
  • Seven Deadly Sins--A prodigal son (Daniel Baldwin) wants to take over his father's bank.
  • The Ripper-Has Jack the Ripper resurfaced in America? That's what a visiting inspector (Peter Firth) says when murders begin taking place in a small town that mirror the infamous serial killer's crimes.
  • The Regulator- A killer for hire (Billy Campbell) meets a woman who wants to write his biography...and also comes across the gun.
  • The Womanizer - A man (Patrick Duffy) who loves 'em and leaves 'em, gets his comeuppance.
  • Sleepwalker - A cobbler (Alex McArthur), whom the gun was given to as payment, doesn't know if he committed a series of murders in his sleep.
  • Four Of A Kind - A woman (Joanna Pacula) takes revenge on some very bad dudes...with the aid of the Dead Man's Gun
  • The Oath
  • The Good Chef
  • The Vine
  • Bad Boys-Three troubled young men find the gun after its' previous owner hides it, then use it to try to make their lives better.
  • The Phrenologist
  • A Just Reward-In a clip show based series finale, a criminal (William Forsythe) is hired to retrieve the gun for the enigmatic Mr. Smith (Kavan Smith), killing the guns' previous owners in the process. But his employer seems to know quite a great deal about the gun...and some of its' previous owners.
  • DVD releases

    On February 15, 2011, Alliance Home Entertainment released the complete first season of Dead Man's Gun on DVD in Canada only. Season 2 was released on March 15, 2011.

    On April 2, 2013, TGG Direct released both seasons on DVD in the US.

    As of January 2016, the series was being transmitted on ThisTV.


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