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Davide Cali

Children's books


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The Enemy: A Book About Peace

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Davide Cali (born 1972) is a Swiss-born Italian writer of picture books and graphic novels, primarily for children and young adults. He lives in Italy. His work has been published in 25 countries and translated into many languages. He also writes under the pseudonyms Taro Miyazawa and Daikon.


Davide Cali DAVIDE CALI And More About Picture Book Writing

The Enemy - Davide Cali i Serge Bloch (english)


Davide Cali serge bloch Wilkins Farago39s Blog

Even though he was born in Liestal (Switzerland), Davide Calì grew up in Italy where he started his career as a comic book artist working with many fanzines. In 1994 he took a job as a comics author at the iconic Italian comics magazine “Linus”. He held that position until 2008.

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He started writing children’s books in 1998, his first works were published in Italy. Since 2004 his books have been published in France either by Sarbacane and in the magazine “Mes premiers j'aime lire” (Bayard Editions).

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Currently, his books amount to more than 90. They have been translated in over 30 languages.

Davide Calì has also taught illustration-related courses for many organisations - both in Italy and in Europe - such as IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Artielier in Padova, MiMaster in Milan and Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallin.

He provided the idea for “Cari autori vediamoci chiaro”, a guide for those who want to become professional illustrators. It affords advices and suggestions from Davide Calì and other important Italian authors. In 2003 the book had been produced by Zoolibri/Delicatessen and given out for free.

His latest articles concerning illustration and children’s books appeared on the website Frizzifrizzi and on Morena Forza’s blog Robadadisegnatori. They are soon to be gathered in order to create a free-downloading guide.

He took part in a great number of exhibitions - either as an artist or a superintendent- in Paris and all around France and on the web. Many shows based on his works have been staged in France, Belgium, Italy and Japan.

Since 2016 he has been the art director at Book on a Tree, the storytelling agency that the Italian writer Pierdomenico Baccalario has founded in London, in 2014.

Works originally published in Italian

  • Storia di Alfonso e del suo cane Boris, illustrated by the author, 2000
  • Mi piace il cioccolato (English translation: I love chocolate), illustrated by Evelyn Daviddi, Zoolibri, 2001
  • Zaccaria cane parlante e altre storie di animali, illustrated by the author, 2002
  • Il gatto verde, illustrated by the author, 2002
  • La collezione di biscotti, illustrated by Evelynn Daviddi, Zoolibri, 2006
  • Due eroi sono troppi, illustrated by Miguel Tanco, Arka, 2006
  • Voglio una mamma-robot (English translation: Mama Robot), illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, Arka, 2007
  • Quel che vorrei, illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi, Einaudi Ragazzi, 2007
  • L'orso con la spada (English translation: The Bear with the Sword), illustrated by Gianluca Foli, Zoolibri, 2008
  • L'isola del piccolo mostro nero-nero, illustrated by Philip Giordano, Zoolibri, 2008
  • Auto-futuro, illustrated by Maurizio Santucci, Zoolibri, 2011
  • Raymond il bambino a rotelle, illustrated by Simone Frasca, Emme 2011
  • La prossima volta!, illustrated by Gianni Peg, Emme, 2011
  • Mondo fantastico, co-authors Federica Iacobelli, Vanessa Sorrentino, illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi, Carlotta Costanzi, Massimo Ottoni, Marco Paci, 2011
  • Signor Alce, illustrated by Sara Welponer, Emme, 2012
  • Mi chiamo Qinuq, illustrated by Leire Salaberria, Kite, 2013
  • Mio papà, il grande pirata, illustrated by Maurizio Quarello, Orecchio Acerbo, 2013
  • Polline – Una storia d'amore, illustrated by Monica Barengo, Kite, 2013
  • Pum, Pum!, illustrated by Maddalena Gerli, Zoolibri, 2014
  • Quando un elefante si innamora, illustrated by Alice Lotti, Kite Edizioni, 2014
  • Un giorno, senza un perché, illustrated by Monica Barengo, Kite Edizioni, 2014
  • Biancaneve e i 77 nani, illustrated by Raphaëlle Barbanègre, EDT Giralangolo, 2016
  • La rapina del secolo, illustrated by the author, Biancoenero Edizioni, 2016
  • La casa di riposo dei supereroi, illustratted by the author, Biancoenero Edizioni, 2016
  • Il richiamo della palude, illustrated by Marco Somà, Kite, 2016
  • Works originally published in French

  • Un papa sur mesure (English translation: A Dad Who Measures Up), illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, Sarbacane, 2004
  • Juste a ce moment-là, illustrated by José Saraiva, Sarbacane, 2004
  • Piano Piano (English translation: Piano Piano), illustrated by Éric Heliot,Sarbacane, 2005
  • Bernard et moi, illustrated by Éric Heliot, Sarbacane, 2005
  • Moi, j'attends (English translation: I Can't Wait), illustrated by Serge Bloch, Sarbacane, 2005
  • La vie de chapeau, illustrated by Éric Heliot, Sarbacane, 2006
  • Si je fusse une grenouille, illustrated by Benedicte Guettier, Sarbacane, 2006
  • L'ennemi (English translation: The Enemy), illustrated by Serge Bloch), Sarbacane, 2007
  • Leopold, Chien de divan, illustrated by Camille Jourdy, Sarbacane, 2008
  • J'aime t'embrasser (English translation: I Love Kissing You), illustrated by Serge Bloch, Sarbacane, 2008
  • La revanche des aubergines, illustrated by Éric Héliot, Sarbacane, 2009
  • Marlène Baleine, illustrated by Sonja Bougaeva, Sarbacane, 2009
  • C'est quoi l'amour? (English translation: What Is This Thing Called Love?), illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, Sarbacane, 2011
  • Monstres et légendes (English translation: Monsters & Legends: Cyclops, Krakens, Mermaids and Other Imaginary Creatures That Really Existed!), illustrated by Gabriella Giandelli, Actes Sud Junior, 2011
  • Coccinelles cherchent maison (English translation: The Great House Hunt), illustrated by Marc Boutavant, Sarbacane, 2011
  • Quand je ferme les jeux ..., illustrated by Robin, Sarbacane, 2011
  • 10 petits tanks s’en vont en guerre (English translation: 10 tanks were going to the war), illustrated by the author, Editions Thierry Magnier, 2012
  • Petit Inuit (English translation: The Little Eskimo), illustrated by Maurizio Quarello, Sarbacane, 2012
  • Bons baisers ratés de Paris, illustrated by Anne Rouquette, Gulf Stream, 2012
  • Paris 2050, illustrated by Ale+Ale, Actes Sud, 2012
  • Tendres bêtises à faire quand on est amoureux, illustrated by Robin, Sarbacane, 2013
  • Un week-end de repos absolu, illustrated by Alexandra Huard, Sarbacane, 2013
  • Les jours hibou, illustrated by Vincent Mathy, Sarbacane, 2013
  • Le grand livre de la bagarre, illustrated by Serge Bloch, Sarbacane, 2013
  • Elle est où la ligne, illustrated by Joelle Jolivet, Trimestre / Oskar, 2014
  • Bons baisers ratés de Venise, illustrated by Isabella Mazzanti, Gulf Stream, 2014
  • Vide-grenier, illustrated by Marie Dorleans, Sarbacane, 2014
  • Le perroquet de l’Empereur, illustrated by Chiaki Miyamoto, Nobi-Nobi, 2014
  • Il était trois fois: les trois petits cochons , illustrated by Roland Garrigue, Nathan, 2015
  • Bons baisers ratés de New York , illustrated by Raphaëlle Barbanègre, Gulf Stream, 2015
  • Chez moi, illustred by Sébastien Mourrain, Actes Sud, 2016
  • Les Bacon Brothers: retour en Amérique!, illustrated by Ronan Badel, ABC Melody, 2016
  • Crotte!, illustrated by Christine Roussey, Nathan, 2016
  • Cours!, illustrated by Maurizio Quarello, Sarbacane, 2016
  • Petit pois, illustrated by Sébastien Mourrain, Comme des géants, 2016
  • Works originally published in German

  • Die Geschichte der Roten Nasen und der Roten Ohren, illustrated by Aurélie Guillerey, Annette Betz, 2007
  • Omas unglaubliche Reise, illustrated by Anna Laura Cantone, Annette Betz, 2008
  • Works originally published in Spanish (Argentina)

  • Spaghetti, illustrated by the author, Pequeño Editor, 2008
  • Works originally published in Portuguese

  • Um dia, um guarda-chuva, illustrated by Valerio Vidali, Planeta Tangerina, 2011
  • A rainha das rãs não pode molhar os pés, illustrated by Marco Somà, Bruàa, 2012
  • Arturo, photos by Ninamasina, Bruàa, 2012
  • A casa que voou , illustrated by Catarina Sobral, Bruàa, 2015
  • Works originally published in English (USA)

  • I didn’t do my homeworks because, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud, Chronicle Books, 2014
  • A funny thing happened on the way to school, illustrated by Benjamin Chaud, Chronicle Books, 2015
  • The truth about my unbelievable summer , illustrated by Benjamin Chaud, Chronicle Books, 2016
  • The Birthday Crown , illustrated by Kate Slater, Royal Collection, 2016
  • The Bacon Brothers: Back in the USA!, illustrated by Ronan Badel, ABC Melody, 2016
  • Comics & graphic novels

  • Le costume de Père Noël (English translation: Santa's Suit), illustrated by Éric Heliot, 2005 (France)
  • Pas de crotte pour moi, illustrated by David De Thuin, 2006 (France)
  • Il faut sauver le sapin Marcel, illustrated by Clothilde Perrin, 2008 (France)
  • Jérôme et les formis rouges, illustrated by Juliette Boulard, 2010 (France)
  • Mission Kraken! Les aventures de l'intrépide équipe O.C.E.A.N., illustrated by Vincent Bourgeau, 2011 (France)
  • Super Potamo, illustrated by Raphaëlle Barbanègre, September 2013 (Spain)
  • Adam et Eve: le Paradis perdure (for adults), ill. by Yannick Robert, Varoum, 2014
  • Tutte le ossessioni di Victor (for adults), ill. by Squaz (Pasquale Todisco), Diàbolo, 2015
  • London Mystery Club tome 1: Le loup-garou de Hyde Park, ABC Mélody (France)
  • The series of 10 Petits Insectes (France)

  • 10 petits insectes (Book One) (English translation: 10 Little Insects), illustrated by Vincent Pianina, 2009'
  • 10 petits insects dans le brouillard (Book Two), illustrated by Vincent Pianina, 2011
  • 10 petits insectes. Retour vers le passé (Book Three), illustrated by Vincent Pianina, 2013
  • The series of Cruelle Joëlle (France)

  • Cruelle Joëlle: la vie n'est pas si simple, Madame Mort! (Book One), illustrated by Ninie, Sarbacane, 2010
  • Cruelle Joëlle: week-end frisson au lac crystal! (Book Two), illustrated by Ninie, Sarbacane, 2012
  • Cruelle Joëlle, une journee d'enfer (Book Three), illustrated by Ninie, Sarbacane, 2013
  • Works originally published in French

  • L'amour? C'est mathématique!, May 2013
  • 3 tyrans + 1 bolosse = quelle vie!, Sarbacane, 2014
  • Elle est où la ligne, ill. by Joelle Jolivet, Trimestre / Oskar, 2015
  • APP

  • A ciascuno il suo, developed by: Paramecio Studio, Kite Edizioni, 2012
  • Moi, j’attends, developed by: France Televisions Distribution SA,© Les films d'ici 2, la Station Animation, les éditions Sarbacane, 2013
  • Theatre Adaptations

  • Moi, j’attends, Compagnie O’Navio Théâtre, 2010 (Limoges, France)
  • L’ennemi, Compagnie Art tout Chaud, 2010 (Amiens, France)
  • L’ennemi, MicMac Théâtre, 2010 (Belgique)
  • Pouce! (from L'Ennemi), Compagnie Marche ou rêve, 2010 (Toulouse, France)
  • Mon Père le grand pirate, Compagnie Marche ou rêve, 2014 (Toulouse, France)
  • Awards

  • Eurochocolate Award,2001.
  • Prix Libbylit, best album Moi, j’attends, Salon du Livre de Jeunesse de Namur, Belgium, 2005
  • Prix Baobab, best album Moi, j’attends, Salon du livre de Jeunesse de Montreuil, France, 2005
  • Premio Words and Music, Menzione speciale per Piano piano, Fiera di Bologna, Italy, 2006
  • Prix Suisse Enfantaisies, Piano piano, Losanna, Switzerland, 2006
  • Prix SNCF, Moi, j’attends, Festival du livre de jeunesse de Rouen, France, 2006
  • Selezione White Ravens, Voglio una mamma robot, Germany, 2008
  • Selezione White Ravens, L’orso con la spada, Germany, 2009
  • Selezione CJ Pictur Book Awards, L’orso con la spada, Korea, 2009
  • Prix Bernard Versele, L’Ennemi, Brussels, Belgium, 2009
  • Chinatimes, Best Album for Kids, L’Ennemi, Taiwan, 2009
  • Selection Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, The Enemy, USA, 2010
  • Selection White Ravens, Marlène Baleine, Germany, 2011
  • Primer Libro Kirico, Malena Ballena, Spain, 2011
  • Prix littéraire du cycle 2 de la médiathèque de Bagneux, Marlène Baleine, France, 2011
  • Prix des Bulles de Haute des Garonne, 10 Petits Insectes, France, 2011
  • Prix littéraire de Plessis Robinson, L’Ennemi, France, 2011
  • Prix Tam Tam, 10 Petits Insectes, La Courneuve, France, 2011
  • Prix Tatoulu, Marlène Baleine, France, 2011
  • Prix des Incorruptibles, Marlène Baleine, France, 2011
  • Selection CJ Pictur Book Awards, Um dia un guarda-chuva, Korea, 2011
  • Prix DLire Canalblog, Cruelle Joëlle, France, 2011
  • Prix Bulles en Haute Garonne, Jerôme et les Fourmis rouges, 2012
  • Prix de la bande dessinée jeunesse de Montreuil-Bellay, Cruelle Joëlle, France, 2012
  • Prix Littéraire des écoles de Châtenay-Malabry, Marlène Baleine, France, 2012
  • Prix des ados, Salon du Livre Midi-Pyrénées, L’amour? C’est mathématique! France, 2014
  • Premio Cassa di Risparmio di Cento, Mio padre, il grande pirata, Italy, 2014
  • Premio Orbil, Mio padre, il grande pirata, Italia, 2014
  • Prix du Livre jeunesse Marseille, Le grand livre de la bagarre, France, 2014
  • Selezione White Ravens, Quando un elefante si innamora, Germany, 2014
  • Premio Il gigante delle Langhe, La regina delle rane, Italy, 2015
  • Prix des enfants Salon de Saint-Orens, Elle où la ligne?, 2015
  • Premio Soligatto (sezione 8-11 anni), Mio padre, il grande pirata, Italy, 2015
  • Prix Bernard Versele, L’amour? C’est Mathématique!, Belgium, 2015
  • Prix de la foire de Wroclaw, L’Ennemi, Poland, 2015
  • Prix Boscarato, Miglior Sceneggiatura, Tutte le ossessioni di Victor, Italy, 2015
  • Prix Laura Orvieto, Mio padre, il grande pirata, Italy, 2015
  • Prix Bernard Versele, L’amour ? C’est mathématique !, Belgique, 2015
  • Prix Soligatto, Sono arrivato in ritardo a scuola perché, Italy, 2016
  • Prix Festival du livre Jeunesse de Annemasse, Selection Lecteurs Juniors, L'amour c’est mathématique!, France, 2016
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