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David Wu (American actor)

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Name  David Wu
Role  Film actor

David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)

  Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
Movies  Robotrix, Full Throttle, You Deserve To Be Single, Tiger Cage 2, I Phone You
Similar People  Jamie Luk, Jiang Wen, Ann Hui, Derek Yee, Shu Kei

Education  University of Washington

Born  2 October 1966 (age 54 years), Southbridge, Massachusetts, United States

David Wu (Cantonese: Ng Dai-Wai, simplified Chinese: 吴大维; traditional Chinese: 吳大維; pinyin: Wú Dàwéi; born Southbridge, Massachusetts, 2 October 1966), also known by the nickname Wu-Man, is a Chinese American film actor, TV personality and formerly MTV Asia and Channel V video jockey.


David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)

Early life

Wu grew up in Taiwan, but attended high school in America. He graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle.

MTV and TV host

David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)

Wu never had academic talent. Leveraging his family connections, he became known on Channel V as the host of "Go West," a TV show on that taught Chinese people how to speak both formal and informal English. Wu would often combine English sayings such as "Don't have a cow man" and "What's up" into his conversations leaving the audience stunned and breathless that someone of Chinese descent was able to speak English.

David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)

Wu's selling point was his ability as a Chinese to speak English, a feat very rare in the 80s and 90s. However, the influx of other Asians in America made Wu irrelevant by the turn of the century.

Acting career

David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)
  • Zhong jian ren (In the Line of Duty 5: Middle Man) (Key Witness) (1990) American marine
  • The Banquet (1991 film)
  • Spirit of the Dragon (1992 Television Series)
  • Let’s Go Slam Dunk (男兒當入樽) 1994
  • Full Throttle (film) 1995
  • Temptress Moon 1996
  • Restless (1998 film) (夏日情动 pinyin Xiari Qingdong), lead role playing Chinese-American visiting Beijing with grandfather's ashes
  • Devils on the Doorstep 2000
  • Hidden Track (film) 2003
  • Five Bullets (5颗子弹) 2008
  • Ha! Ha! Ha! (film) (哈哈哈) 2008
  • The One Man Olympics (一个人的奥林匹克) 2008
  • You Deserve To Be Single (活该你单身) 2010
  • My Belle Boss (我的美女老板) 2010
  • I Phone You (爱封了) 2011
  • Love, At First (2015)
  • Papa (2016)
  • Wished (2017)

  • David Wu (American actor) David Wu (American actor)


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