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David Caron

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Name  David Caron

David Caron httpswwwlawberkeleyeduphpprogramsfaculty
Books  The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules: A Commentary

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David D. Caron is a professor of law, does public international law, environmental law, and international arbitration. He is the dean of the King's College, London School of Law, and an emeritus professor of UC Berkeley School of Law.


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Caron attended the United States Coast Guard Academy, majoring in physics and political science and as Commander of the Corps of Cadets in 1974. He was an Arctic navigator and salvage-diving officer aboard the US Coast Guard cutter Polar Star. In San Francisco he was assistant chief of the Marine Environment Protection Service for California. Caron studied at the University of Wales in Cardiff in 1979 on a Fulbright Commission scholarship. He then studied law at the University of California, Berkeley. He subsequently joined the faculty in 1987. In 2013, Caron was appointed as Dean of the King's College London School of Law.


David Caron David Caron Wikipedia
  • The Oceans in the Nuclear Age: Legacies and Risks (2010) (with Harry N. Scheiber)
  • The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules: A Commentary (2006) (co authored with Lee Caplan and Matti Pellonpaa)
  • Articles
  • 'The Profound Significance of the UNCC for the Environment' in Cymie Payne and Peter H. Sand (eds) Environmental Liability: Gulf War Reparations and the UN Compensation Commission (2011)
  • 'Negotiating Our Future with the Oceans' in L Tubiana, P Jacquet, and RK Pachauri (eds), A Planet for Life 2011--Oceans (2011)
  • 'A Call to Action: Turning the Golden State into a Golden Opportunity for International Arbitration' (2010) 28 Berkeley Journal of International Law (with Leah Harhay)
  • 'The Alien Tort Statute: An Overview of Current Issues' (2010) 28 Berkeley Journal of International Law (with Richard M. Buxbaum)
  • 'Investor-State Arbitration: Strategic and Tactical Perspectives on Legitimacy' (2009) 32 Suffolk Transnational Law Review
  • 'Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and the Coming Uncertainty in Oceanic Boundaries: A Proposal to Avoid Conflict' in SY Hong and JM Van Dyke (eds) Maritime Boundary Disputes, Settlement Processes, and The Law of the Sea (2009)
  • 'Politics, Law and Three Images of the Arctic' (2008) Proceedings, 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law
  • 'Towards A Political Theory of International Courts and Tribunals' (2007) 24 Berkeley Journal of International Law
  • 'The ILC Articles on State Responsibility: The Paradoxical Relationship between Form and Authority' (2002) 96(4) The American Journal of International Law 857
  • 'War and International Adjudication: Reflections on the 1899 Peace Conference' (2000) 94(1) American Journal of International Law 4
  • 'The United Nations Compensation Commission for Claims Arising Out of the 1991 Gulf War: The 'Arising Prior To' Decision' (2005) Florida State University Journal of Transnational Law & Policy
  • 'The legitimacy of the collective authority of the Security Council' (1995) 87(4) American Journal of International Law 552
  • 'The International Whaling Commission and the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission: The Institutional Risks of Coercion in Consensual Structures' (1995) 89(1) The American Journal of International Law 154
  • 'The Legitimacy of the Collective Authority of the Security Council' (1993) 87(4) American Journal of International Law 552
  • 'Iraq and the Force of Law: Why Give a Shield of Immunity?' (1991) 85(1) The American Journal of International Law 89
  • 'When Law Makes Climate Change Worse: Rethinking the Law of Baselines in Light of a Rising Sea Level' (1990) 17 Ecology LQ 621
  • 'The Nature of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal and the Evolving Structure of International Dispute Resolution' (1990) 84(1) The American Journal of International Law 104
  • 'International Sanctions, Ocean Management, and the Law of the Sea: A Study of Denial of Access to Fisheries' (1989) 16 Ecology LQ 311
  • 'Liability for Transnational Pollution Arising from Offshore Oil Development: A Methodological Approach' (1983) 10 Ecology LQ 641
  • Op-eds
  • 'The Claims of Two Gulfs' (14 July 2010) Huffington Post
  • Lectures

    Understanding Why International Courts and Tribunals Look and Act as They Do in the Lecture Series of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law


    David Caron Wikipedia