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David B Norman

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Name  David Norman

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Books  The illustrated encyclop, Dinosaurs: A Very Short Intr, The Complete Watercol, Prehistoric life, Dinosaur

David Bruce Norman (born in the United Kingdom on June the 20th, 1952) is a British paleontologist, currently Director of the Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge University.


Life and career

Norman is a fellow at Christ's College, Cambridge where he teaches geology in the Natural Sciences tripos. A member of the Palaeontological Association, he has studied Iguanodon and also has participated in the studies and scientific surveys included in the dinosaur work The Dinosauria (2nd edition, 2004). The species epithet of Equijubus normani was named in honour of him.

In 2017, Dr Norman was one of three British palaeontologist who proposed a radical new hypothesis for early dinosaur evolution and interrelationships in a paper in the journal Nature. In this work, Matthew Baron, Norman and Paul Barrett (2017) suggested that Ornithischia and Theropoda were closely related as part of a new clade that they named Ornithoscelida.

He also possesses a keen interest in rugby, and he regularly referees for Cambridge University and District Rugby Referees Society (CUDRRS), earning himself the nickname 'Refosaurus Rex'.

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  • Crew member, as a scientific advisor

  • Walking with Dinosaurs (six-part TV series documentary, BBC, 1999, scientific advisor for the episode "Giant of the Skies", credited as Dr. David Norman)
  • Prehistoric Planet (a re-version of Walking with Dinosaurs and Walking with Beasts, by Discovery Channel and NBC, 2002, scientific advisor for the episode "Sky King", credited as Dr. David Norman)
  • On screen, as himself

  • Dinosaur! (four-part TV series documentary, hosted by Walter Cronkite, A&E, 1991, Norman appears in all four episodes: "The Tale of a Tooth", "The Tale of a Bone", "The Tale of an Egg" and "The Tale of a Feather")
  • The Dinosaurs! (television documentary miniseries produced by PBS in 1992)
  • Dinosaurs Myths & Reality (TV movie documentary, 1995, Produced by Castle Communications and Cromwell Productions Ltd.)
  • The Making of Walking with Dinosaurs (TV movie documentary about the series Walking with Dinosaurs, 1999, "making of" produced and directed by Jasper James for the BBC)
  • Acknowledgements

  • Lost Worlds, Vanished Lives (TV series documentary, BBC, 1989, Norman is thanked in the episode titled "Dinosaur")
  • Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life (TV movie documentary, BBC, 2009, Norman is acknowledged as Dr. David Norman)
  • TV credits

  • David Norman's page at the Internet Movie Database
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