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Datu Daya

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Name  Datu Daya

Datu Daya Datu Daya Daanbantayans Haladaya festival The Haladaya Fe Flickr

Datu Daya was a legendary tribal chief in Kandaya, the place that is now known as Daanbantayan, Cebu, in the Philippines.

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According to folk stories, Datu Daya was the leader of the first Malayan settlers in northern Cebu. The new settlers cleared forests and in a few years were able to establish a progressive community. Moro pirates continually attacked the community and kidnapped women and children until a bantayan (watchtower) was constructed to defend the town. For his leadership of the community, Datu Daya was idolized.

Cultural remnants

The town of Daanbantayan, Cebu has an annual celebration of chants and dances known as Haladaya (literally, "a tribute to Daya").

Before the conversion of the district now known as Daanbantayan into a town, it was known as Kandaya (kang Daya - Daya's place in Cebuano).


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