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Date Harumune

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Name  Date Harumune
Died  1577

Parents  Date Tanemune
Children  Rusu Masakage
Date Harumune

Date Harumune (伊達 晴宗, 1519 – January 12, 1578) was a Japanese daimyo of the Sengoku period.


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As a special honor, Ashikaga Yoshiharu gave permission for Harumune to use one ideograph (haru-) of his name.

Harumune was the father of the daimyo Date Terumune and the grandfather of the famous Date Masamune.

Early life

Harumune was the son of Date Tanemune.


Harumune was the 15th head of the Date clan of Mutsu Province.

The Ashikaga shogunate gave Harumune power and responsibilities as tendai of Mutsu.


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