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Darzalas Peak

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Darzalas Peak

Darzalas Peak (Bulgarian: връх Дарзалас, ‘Vrah Darzalas’ \'vr&h dar-'za-las) is the rocky, mostly ice-free peak rising to 1300 m in the south foothills of Detroit Plateau on Nordenskjöld Coast in Graham Land, Antarctica. The peak is situated between Bombardier and Dinsmoor Glaciers, and surmounting Mundraga Bay to the southeast.


Map of Darzalas Peak, Antarctica

The peak is named after the Thracian god Darzalas.


Darzalas Peak is located at 64°21′41″S 60°04′35″W, which is 11.28 km southwest of Trave Peak, 6.16 km north of Mount Elliott, 7.17 km east-northeast of Kavlak Peak, and 29.87 km southeast of Mount Ader in the border area between Davis Coast and Danco Coast. British mapping in 1978.


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