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Darling (2015 film)

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Director  Sam Anton
Country  India
6.2/10 IMDb

Language  Tamil
Darling (2015 film) movie poster

Release date  January 15, 2015 (2015-01-15)

Darling trailer 2015 g v prakash kumar nikki galrani karunas bala saravanan

Darling is a term of endearment of Anglo-Saxon origin.


Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

Darling or Darlin' or Darlings may also refer to:

Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

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Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

  • Darling (surname)
  • In Australia

    Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

  • Darling Downs, a region in Queensland, Australia
  • Darling Harbour in Sydney, Australia
  • Darling Heights, Queensland
  • Darling Point, New South Wales
  • Darling River, the third-longest Australian river
  • Darling Scarp, an escarpment in Western Australia
  • Darling Street, the main thoroughfare of Balmain, Sydney
  • Darling railway station, Melbourne
  • In the United States

    Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

  • Darling, Mississippi, a census-designated place
  • Darling, Pennsylvania, a ghost town
  • Darling Run, a stream in Ohio
  • In Nepal

    Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

  • Darling, Dhawalagiri, a Village Development Committee (administrative region)
  • Darling, Lumbini, a village and municipality
  • Elsewhere

    Darling (2015 film) movie scenes

  • Darling, Chin State in Burma/Myanmar
  • Darling, Western Cape, in South Africa
  • Darling Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada
  • Films and television

  • Darling (1965 film), a British film directed by John Schlesinger
  • Darling (2007 Indian film), a Bollywood film starring Fardeen Khan
  • Darling (2007 Swedish film), directed by Johan Kling
  • Darling (2007 French film), starring Marina Foïs, directed by Christine Carrière
  • Darling (2010 film), a Telugu film starring Prabhas
  • Darling (2012 film), a Bengali film
  • Darling (2014 film), a Kannada film
  • Darling (2015 Tamil film), an Tamil film
  • Darling (2015 American film), an American horror film
  • Darling! The Pieter–Dirk Uys Story, a 2007 documentary by Julian Shaw
  • The Darlings hillbilly family, recurring characters on the American television series The Andy Griffith Show
  • Music

  • Darlin' (French band), a short-lived French band that eventually became Daft Punk
  • Darling (British band), a British band featuring guitarist Hal Lindes and drummer Paul Varley
  • Darling, a band fronted by former Calibretto 13 drummer Christopher Thomas
  • Albums

  • Darling (Yui Horie album)
  • Darling (EP), a 2007 promotional EP by Kylie Minogue
  • Darlings (Kevin Drew album)
  • Darlin', a 1981 album by Tom Jones
  • Songs

  • "Darling", by Dirk Bogarde, J. Dankworth and G. Lees (1965)
  • "Darlin'" (Poacher song)
  • "Darlin'" (The Beach Boys song) (1967)
  • "Darling" (Girl's Day song) (2014)
  • "Darling" (Eyes Set to Kill song) (2009)
  • "Darling", by Baccara Soja, Dostal (1978)
  • "Darling", by Cindy & Bert (1979)
  • "Darling", by Nazar (band), the Turkish entry in Eurovision (1978)
  • "Darling", by Sons and Daughters (band) (2008)
  • "Darling", by Stories (band) (1973)
  • "Darling", by Japanese boy band V6 (band) (2003)
  • "Darlin", by Avril Lavigne from her album Goodbye Lullaby
  • "Darlin'", by Backstreet Boys from their eponymous album
  • "Darling", by Golden Earring from their album Paradise in Distress
  • "Oh! Darling", a song by The Beatles from Abbey Road
  • Other uses

  • Darling (German car), an early automobile model manufactured by Neue Automobil Gesellschaft
  • Darling (American car), an automobile model manufactured from 1901 to 1902 - see List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States
  • Darling (1917 American car), an automobile model manufactured in 1917 - see List of defunct automobile manufacturers of the United States
  • Darling (perfume), promoted by Kylie Minogue
  • Darling language, an aboriginal language of the Darling River in Australia
  • Darling (software), an open source Darwin / OS X compatibility layer for Linux
  • Tamil movie 2015 full movie new releases darling dhamayanthi super hit tamil full movie darling


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