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Daniel Rensch

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Name  Daniel Rensch
Daniel Rensch Member DanielRensch Chesscom
Born  October 10, 1985 (age 30) (1985-10-10) Phoenix, AZ, United States
Residence  Mesa, AZ, United States
Occupation  Vice-President of Content and Professional Operations at

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Daniel Rensch is an International chess master, event organizer, lecturer, commentator, and chess personality from the United States. He was a child prodigy; he holds the Arizona State record for youngest national master at 14 years old. National Master is a title awarded by the US Chess Federation when a player's rating passes 2200 on the USCF rating scale. He won the 1998 Elementary National Championship, the 2000 Junior High National Championship, tied for the 2004 National High School Championship, and was the highest rated 19-year-old in the US, 2004. He is the President of American Chess Events LLC, and Vice-President of


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Shelby School Chess Team

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Under Rensch's reign, the Shelby School Chess Team won multiple State and National Chess Championships. As Captain of the 1998 team, they won the K-3, K-6 and K-9 National Championships, a feat that only Rensch's Shelby School chess team was able to accomplish in American scholastic chess history.

Ear surgeries

Daniel Rensch The chess games of Daniel Rensch

In 2004, Rensch was experiencing hearing loss because of an infected stapes bone. From 2004-2006, he underwent five surgeries. In this uncomfortable condition, which prohibited him from flying to most major chess tournaments, he lost his lead over other 19-year-old chess masters.

Teaching career

During this same time period, his interest in teaching chess blossomed. Along with teaching private students, Rensch's involvement with American Chess Events led to him taking over all of their operations since 2007.


Also in 2004, Rensch became a young husband, and eventually became a father. Daniel and Shauna Rensch now have 4 children.

IM norms

Rensch earned his final IM norm at Susan Polgar's SPICE CUP by achieving draw against then Grand master candidate Ray Robson, who went on to achieve 'youngest ever Grand master in the United States' 2009-2014.

Video lecturer

Rensch has been offering in depth, educational chess analysis online since 2009. His well known, "Rook Endgames: Beginner to Master series," "Isolated Queen Pawns" and "Pawn Structure 101" series are among the most popular on In addition, his "Everything You Need to Know" video series designed for beginners boasts the most views of any video in's library.


Rensch is known for his very original, humorous style of chess commentary, Rensch brings an exciting, fresh take on the traditional world of chess analysis. He is best known for his coverage of the GM Blitz Battles. His live shows at include "Man vs Machine," "Call of the Wild," and "Bullet Brawls."

Event organizer

An online event, "The $40,000 GM Blitz Battle Championship" was organized, and hosted, by Rensch. The event included, world no. 1, Magnus Carlsen, and 7 other world class speed chess players.

Other work

Jake Goldberger employed Rensch's chess expertise in the direction of the independent film Life of a King.


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