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Dance Tonight

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Released  5 June 2007
Length  2:54
Recorded  January–February 2007
B-side  "Nod Your Head" (Sly David Short mix)
Format  Digital download, 10" picture disc
Label  MPL Communications, Hear Music

"Dance Tonight" is a song by Paul McCartney, the opening track to his 2007 album Memory Almost Full. The song was released as a download single in the United Kingdom on 18 June 2007, McCartney's 65th birthday. A week later, the song debuted at number 34 in the UK Singles Chart. The UK single was also issued as a picture disc that came in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard insert. On 1 July, the song peaked at number 26 in the UK charts. This is the final single of McCartney's to date to have charted in the UK top 75. The song was also nominated for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 2008 Grammy Awards.


In the United States, it was released as the second single from the album. The song also debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 69. It marked McCartney's final appearance in the Hot 100 until 2015.

McCartney performed the song live as a duet with Australian singer Kylie Minogue on Jools Holland's 2007 New Year's Eve television special Hootenanny.

The song was recently used on PBS network Thirteen, advertising its May 2013 lineup.

Music video

A music video for the song was directed by Michel Gondry, features Natalie Portman and Mackenzie Crook and is choreographed by Blanca Li. It begins with a postman (Crook) delivering a left-handed mandolin to McCartney. The postman invites himself in for a cup of tea, then he opens the package revealing the mandolin. As soon as McCartney starts playing the song, a ghost (Portman) emerges from the package and starts dancing. More extravagantly dressed ghosts emerge from other places (an open drawer, the fireplace, the washing machine etc.) and dance around McCartney while he plays and sings in various rooms. The ghosts also play tricks on the postman, floating around him and making him levitate, which scares him away from the house. During the song's second-to-last verse, Portman steals McCartney's mandolin, which reverses the situation, making her come alive while turning McCartney into a ghost. He chases her and the other ghosts until she slips back into the package, dragging McCartney in with her as well. As the song ends, the ghosts' world (inside the package) is revealed to be a wild party, where all the ghosts, now fully alive, have lots of fun (the postman is there as well), while McCartney plays bass, accompanied by a drummer (Gondry). The final shot of the video is of the postman's van, left empty on the road. The video was posted exclusively on YouTube on 22 May 2007. It is now available on the DVD compilation Michel Gondry 2: More Videos (Before and After DVD 1) and on the Deluxe CD/DVD Edition of McCartney's album Memory Almost Full.


The left-handed mandolin used for the song, shown delivered to him by mail in the music video, was purchased by McCartney from a guitar shop he frequents in London. Whenever he would play the mandolin, his three-year-old daughter Beatrice would be moved to dance, after which McCartney states that the song "wrote itself". It was the last song recorded for the album, and was included on the album at the last minute.

The song is also included in an iPod + iTunes advertisement featuring a black and white McCartney walking down a colourful, animated street while performing the song. It saw frequent airplay in summer 2007.


"Dance Tonight" was recorded in January–February 2007 at RAK Studios in London, with McCartney playing mandolin, electric guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and autoharp.

Track listing

Originally the single was to be released simultaneously via download, 7" and CD, but the release was scaled back to just a download on 18 June 2007. According to the official album website, a picture disc 7" was released in the UK on 23 July 2007, while the CD was released internationally on a date to be announced. The song still managed to chart in the United States, despite not being released in any form there, except an acoustic version available on iTunes from the Summer of Love 1967 double issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

  1. "Dance Tonight"
International CD
  1. "Dance Tonight"
  2. "Nod Your Head" (Sly David Short mix)
  3. This mix of album track "Nod Your Head" features additional production by Sly Dunbar and vocals by Lady Saw, Sizzla and Cherine.


  • Paul McCartney – Vocals, mandolin, drums, percussion, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard
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