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Damietta Governorate

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Country  Egypt
Time zone  EET (UTC+2)
Area  1,029 km²
Capital  Damietta
Seat  Damietta (capital)
Website  Domyat
Population  1.301 million (2014)
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Damietta Governorate (Egyptian Arabic: محافظة دمياط‎‎ Muḥāfẓet Dumyat) is one of the governorates of Egypt. It is located in the northeastern part of the country, and has a population of over 1 million. Its capital is the city of Damietta.


Map of Damietta Governorate, Egypt

Damietta (city) is famous for its guava farms, as well as the palm trees that cover the coast from Ras El Bar in the east to Gamasa in the west. The governorate exports millions of palm trees to many countries every year, including Greece and China. Damietta also produces wheat, maize, cotton, rice, potatoes, lemon, grapes and tomatoes. It is also famous for its sweet industry, sardine packing, and Domiati cheese. Ras El Bar, one of the oldest summer resorts in Egypt, is located at the point where The Nile meets the Mediterranean Sea.


According to population estimates from 2015 the majority of residents in the governorate live in rural areas, with an urbanization rate of only 38.7%. Out of an estimated 1,330,843 people residing in the governorate, 815,244 people live in rural areas as opposed to only 515,599 in urban areas

Industrial zones

According to the Governing Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI) the governorate is home to two industrial zones.


The governorate's area is 1.029 km² or about 5% of the Delta's area, and about 1% of the area of Egypt. The inhabited area is about 589.2 km². Its population – according to a 1999 census – was 953,430. The average rate of population growth is 2.09% per year.

Administrative divisions

The governorate consists of 4 subdivisions, 10 cities, 35 local village units, 59 villages and 722 sub-villages. The subdivisons are Damietta, Faraskur, El Zarqa and Kafr Saad. The governorate includes 7 colleges and institutes, 19 professional training centers, and 657 pre-college schools.

Furniture industry

The city of Damietta is famous for its skilled carpenters and furniture. Their products are sold in Egypt, and throughout the Middle East, Europe and the USA. 80% of the governorate's income is related to furniture.


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