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Daldis was an Ancient city and former bishopric, and is now a Latin Catholic titular see.



The Ancient city of Daldis was located near Narlïkale in Asia Minor (modern Asian Turkey). It was in Lydia. Ramsay believed it was on the Meander River, near the towns of Apollonos-Hieron and Tripolis.

The town minted its own coin.

It was important enough in the Roman province of Lydia to become a suffragan bishopric of the Metropolitan See of Sardes, but the city latter faded.


The diocese was founded in early Roman times and sent delegates to many important councils. Bishops include:

  • Paul, attendee at Council of Nicaea
  • Theodore attendee at Third Council of Constantinople 680.
  • John attended Second Council of Nicaea (787).
  • Apiphanius attended the Photius Council (869–870)
  • The diocese was nominally restored in 1933 as a Latin Catholic titular bishopric. It is vacant, having had the following incuments, both of the lowest (episcopal) rank :

  • Titular Bishop Charles Weber (萬賓來), Divine Word Missionaries (S.V.D.) (1937.12.02 – 1946.04.11), Apostolic Vicar of the then Yizhoufu (December 2, 1937 – April 11, 1946), promoted suffragan Bishop of Yizhoufu (April 11, 1946 – August 7, 1970)
  • Titular Bishop Henry Theophilus Klonowski (1947.05.10 – 1977.05.06), Auxiliary Bishop of Scranton (USA) (1947.05.10 – 1973.05.15)
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