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Daniel Camara


Full Name
Mamadou Daniel Camara

Music group

Dadoo France history X de Dadoo

Une couleur de plus au drapeau, Resurrection, Opte pour le K, France History X

Similar People
Kool Shen, Busta Flex, Don Choa, Joeystarr, Tunisiano

Dadoo sales gosses live generation rap rnb

Dadoo (born Daniel Camara, in Toulouse, France in 1976) is a French rapper and also a member of the Toulouse rap group, KDD. He has performed several duets with French singer Vitaa.


Dadoo is competing in his second Lavaman Triathlon in 2015 to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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Beginnings with KDD

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He started in 1994 with the group KDD and quickly became its leader. The group was made of 5 members (Dadoo otherwise known as Dadppda, Diesel, H20, Lindsay and Robert) who signed a contract with Columbia. Their first album "Opte pour le K" came out in 1996, next came the album "Résurrection" in 1998 and "Une Couleur de plus au Drapeau" in 2000, both considered as original classics of French rap. Later the group separated after selling more than 200,000 albums. A new path was ahead for him.

After KDD

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Dadoo quickly changed into having a solo career. He initiated many musical projects and collaborations with: Akhenaton, Kool Shen, Rohff, Oxmo Puccino, Vitaa, Diam's, Joeystarr, even Jean-Michel Jarre for the remix of Oxygène. Dadoo, whose writing is the base of his solo career, wrote the script of Gomez et Tavarès, the story of two cops who are total opposites and must face the middle class of Marseilles. The movie, produced by Gilles Paquet-Brenner in 2003, and will feature Titoff, Stomy Bugsy and Noémie Lenoir. Then, he co-directed the BO of the Taxi 3 for Luc Besson who saw rising stars like Diam, Vitaa, Corneille, Korr et Scalp… he wrote in the same year for Alain Chabat the music for the movie RRRrrrr!!!, a whacky movie filmed in 2003, with les Robins des Bois. In 2003, produced by Sony Columbia his first solo album France History X which is regarded as a definitive, high-value example of French rap. The album showed a timeless analysis of the French wealthy's differences and contradictions. The title Sales Gosses met an immediate success with a music video with Jamel Debbouze, Éric et Ramzy, Dieudonné and Joeystarr. The titles Où vous-êtes, France History X and Fille facile also saw large successes. It was in 2014 when Dadoo launched the formation of Dadoo and the Classics who hoped to blend hip hop strictly MC + KEYS + DRUMS.

Composition career

Dadoo Dadoo dans Plante Rap 1000 Skyrockophiiiiiile

Dadoo, who gained more interest in composition, completed the first album of Joeystarr Gare au[Jaguarr in 2006. The album was a clear success and was named in the victoires de la musique 2007 in the "Urban Music" category. As producer of the tour that followed the release of the album, Dadoo joined with Joeystarr on stage with the neo-metal group Enhancer. In 2009 his career took a turn as he became part of the new rock group "D and the Zepp". Dadoo became the singer/bassist and was accompanied by Alain "Dricks" Lasseube. At the same time, he wrote TV advertisements. Dadoo also tried successfully to produce with the producer Xavier Marchand's official teasers of Festival Garorock.



  • 1996 : Opte Pour Le K (with KDD)
  • 1998 : Résurrection (with KDD)
  • 2000 : Une Couleur De Plus Au Drapeau (with KDD)
  • 2003 : France History X'
  • 2017 : VANI THE GR8' (with KDD)
  • 1998
  • Driver Feat KDD, Dany Dan & Diam's – On fout le dawa on the album Driver, Le grand chelem

  • 1999
  • KDD Feat Fonky Family, Sinistre, Akhenaton, Chiens de Paille, Mystik, Prodige Namor, Soldafada, 2 Neg, Yazid & Endo – 16'30 contre la censure sur le maxi 16'30 contre la censure. With the collective Liberté de Circulation on les p'tits papiers (especially with Diesel of KDD).

  • 2000
  • ‘'’KDD'’’ – Repose en paix sur compile Nouvelle Donne 2 ‘'’KDD'’’ – Pose pas d'questions on the album La Squale

  • 2001
  • Akhenaton Feat Dadoo – Nuits à medine on the album d'Akh, Sol Invictus Dadoo Feat Kazkami – Les guerriers de la nuit on the album Première Classe Vol.2 Dadoo Feat Tandem & Busta Flex – Sport de sang on the album Mission Suicide Dadoo – Les ripoux on the album Mission Suicide Dadoo Feat Tandem & Tunisiano – Meilleurs vœux Part II on the album Mission Suicide Dadoo – Le grand show on the B.O. of the movie Yamakasi KDD – Red light on the album Sachons saying NON Vol.2 Oxmo Puccino Feat KDD – Balance la sauce on the album d'Oxmo, L'amour est mort

  • 2002
  • Dadoo Feat Vitaa – Pas à pas sur la compilation Double Face 4 Don Choa Feat Dadoo – Sale Sud on the album Don choa, Vapeurs Toxiques La Boussole Feat Dadoo – Entrevue on the album la Boussole, Rappel KDD - Militant sur la compile Les militants Hors série

  • 2003
  • Dadoo – Les 7 Q capitaux sur la B.O. du film Double Zéro Dadoo – Making off sur la B.O. du film Taxi 3 Dadoo Feat Diam's – Vivre sans ça sur la B.O. du film Taxi 3 Dadoo – Petite sœur sur la B.O. du film Taxi 3

  • 2004
  • IPM Feat Dadoo & Diesel – Le mal en patience on the album d'IPM, 1 pied dans l'biz Dadoo – Ding Ding sur the album de RRRrrrr!!! Dadoo – 100 toi sur the album Bâtiment B : Hommage...

  • 2005
  • Dadoo – Parce Qu'on a Le Blues sur la compile Illicite Projet Dadoo Feat Acid & Perverted Monks – We Flow sur la compile The Basement Kool Shen Feat Dadoo & Rohff – L'avenir est à nous sur le maxi L'avenir est à nous Lady Laistee Feat Dadoo – Corda on the album Lady Laistee, Second souffle Lady Laistee Feat Dadoo – Le monde d'aujourd'hui on the album Lady Laistee, Second souffle Lady Laistee Feat Dadoo – Si peu de choses on the album Lady Laistee, Second souffle Jeff Le Nerf Feat Dadoo – IV my People music on the album IV my People, IV my People Mission

  • 2006
  • JoeyStarr Feat Dadoo – 93 Déboule on the album JoeyStarr, Gare au jaguarr

  • 2008
  • Enhancer Feat Dadoo – 4444 on the album Enhancer, Désobéir

  • 2015
  • Jeune Ras Feat Dadoo – Rouler tout la nuit sur le EP de Jeune Ras, 3h du mat


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