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DMX Krew

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Birth name  Ed Upton
Name  DMX Krew

Genres  Electronica
Record label  Rephlex Records
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Labels  Rephlex Records Breakin' Records
Role  Musical Artist ยท
Albums  There Is No Enduring Self, Reith Trax, Nu Romantix, Ffressshh!, Shape Shifting Shaman
Similar  Cylob, Legowelt, Aphex Twin, Charles Manier, Osborne

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DMX Krew (also known as EDMX) is the recording name of Edward Upton. Upton has many different aliases besides for DMX Krew, including 101 Force, Asylum Seekers, Bass Potato, Chester Louis III, Computor Rockers, David Michael Cross, Ed DMX, EDMX, House of Brakes, Michael Knight, and Viet Cong. He has released six full albums on Aphex Twin's label Rephlex Records and numerous singles/EPs for both Rephlex and his own Breakin' Records. DMX Krew's sound spans several electronic music genres, but had mostly been rooted in early electro-pop/breakbeat type music. The release of The Collapse of the Wave Function EPs are geared toward a different more experimental direction. Despite the similarity of their names, DMX Krew has no connection to hip hop artists DMX or Davy DMX, but refers to the vintage Oberheim DMX drum computer (which Davy DMX and DMX both named themselves after as well).


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  • Sound of the Street (1996)
  • Ffressshh! (1997)
  • Nu Romantix (1998)
  • We are DMX (1999)
  • The Collapse of the Wave Function LP (2004)
  • Many Worlds (The Collapse Of The Wave Function Volume 4) (2005)
  • The Transactional Interpretation (The Collapse Of The Wave Function Volume 5) (2005)
  • Kiss Goodbye (2005)
  • Wave:CD (2005)
  • Wave Funk (2009)
  • The March to the Stars (2010)
  • Kiss Goodbye (2010)
  • East Side Boogie (2012)
  • Shape Shifting Shaman (2014)
  • Reith Trax (2014)
  • Standing Stones (2015)
  • There Is No Enduring Self (2015)
  • You Exist (2016)
  • EPs and Singles

  • Got You on My Mind (1994)
  • Cold Rockin' with the Krew (1996)
  • DMX Bass/Rock Your Body (1997)
  • You Can't Hide Your Love (1997)
  • You Can't Hide Your Love Remixes (1997)
  • Adrenalin Flow (1998)
  • Party Beats (1998)
  • Showroom Dummies (1998)
  • 17 Ways to Break My Heart (1998)
  • Smash Metal (1999, Double-7" with Chicks on Speed)
  • Back to the Bass (1999)
  • Seedy Films (2002)
  • Soul Miner (2002)
  • The Collapse of the Wave Function Volume 1 (2004)
  • The Collapse of the Wave Function Volume 2 (2004)
  • Body Destruction (2005)
  • Snow Cub (2007)
  • Ionospheric Exploration (2008)
  • SH101 Triggers MS10 (2008)
  • Bass Drop (2008)
  • Bongard Problems (2009)
  • Wave Funk Volume 1 (2009)
  • References

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