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DJ Scotch Egg

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Musical Artist

Years active
2003 to present

Tokyo, Japan

Associated acts

Music group
DJ Egg

DJ Scotch Egg April

Birth name
Shigeru 'Shige' Ishihara

Also known as
Shiez 2000Scotch Grind

Drumized, Scotchausen, KFC Core, Quique, Succour, Untitled Demo, Scotch Dub, Encyclopedia of Hardcore Chiptune

Chiptune, Noise music, Speedcore

Otto von Schirach, Sayaka Tashiro, Chiaki Kyan, Keith Fullerton Whitman


Nanoloop, Loudspeaker

Record labels
Adaadat, Wrong Music

Dj scotch egg boiler room berlin live set

DJ Scotch Egg (born Shigeru Ishihara) is a Japanese producer of chiptune/gabba music based in Berlin, Germany.


DJ Scotch Egg httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu

He has released music on the Wrong Music label, Adaadat and was signed to Load Records after Lightning Bolt was impressed by his music.). A new album entitled Scotch Hausen was released in Spring 2007.

DJ Scotch Egg DJ Scotch Egg Boiler Room Berlin Live Set YouTube

Contributions with other artists include Ove-Naxx, Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman), Mike Paradinas, Duracell, Bong-Ra, The Pipettes and The Go! Team.

DJ Scotch Egg The scrambled sounds of DJ Scotch Egg Metro News

Shige has recorded improvised music collaboratively with Ashley Marlowe and Sam Dook under the moniker Same Things. Two tracks have so far been released through Junior Aspirin Records.

DJ Scotch Egg ABOUT

Dj scotch egg scotch hausen


  • Shiez 2000 demos
  • Scotch Dub (2006, The Compliants Department)
  • Singles

  • "Scotch Chicken" 7" single, Wrong Music, 2005
  • "Scotch Vader" (featuring additional remixes by Ove-Naxx and Bong-Ra; Netherlands only) Kriss Records, 2006
  • "Scotch Bach" (features additional remixes by Aaron Spectre and Shitmat, unreleased.)
  • "Scotchy & Shitty - Rave Like A Headless Chicken" (split with Shitmat) 12" single, Wrong Music, 2008
  • Albums

  • KFC Core, Adaadat, 2005
  • スコッチエッグのハードコア・チップチューン大百科 (Japanese only album, released on De-Fragment records title translates as "Scotch Egg's Encyclopedia Of Hardcore Chiptune") 2007
  • Scotch Hausen (Adaadat/Very Friendly/Wrong Music) 2007
  • Drumized (Load Records, 2008)
  • Compilation appearances

  • 'Yeah Man Thanks' (as Shiez 2000) on That's What I Call Wrong Music Volume 4 (Wrong Music, 2004)
  • 'Scotch Forest' on Whatever (Wrong Music, 2005)
  • 'Scotch Boy' on Remove Celebrity Centre (Junior Aspirin Records, 2006)
  • 'Switched on Scotch Bach 10' on Etc (Wrong Music, 2006)
  • 'Scotch Forrest' & 'Scotch Chicken' on OverKill (on Overkill, 2006)
  • 'Scotch Grind' on NUCD#02 (on Numusic records, 2007)
  • Collaborations

  • 'Untitled'(with Duracell) and a Live noise set at ICA with Hrvatski on Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume 3 (Adaadat, 2006)
  • 'Youth Pixxel' (with Germlin) on Youth Pixel album (Adaadat, 2006)
  • 'Punchingcones' (with Toxic Lipstick and Kunt) appears on The Rebirth Of The Fool Volume 3 (Dualplover, 2006)
  • 'Oodanhodoh Jya Massive Shoco-shocore (Ovnx And ScotchEgg Mashed U Shit)' (with Ove-Naxx) on Ove-Chan Dancehall
  • 'Scotch Pine' with Pine Forest on Infinite Chug
  • 'Brew' with Same Things on ASP 008 'Remove Celebrity Centre' CD compilation.
  • 'Toothache' with Same Things on ASP 014 'Skill 7 Stamina 12 - Toilet - Same Things' limited vinyl 12", 200 copies Junior Aspirin Records.
  • References

    DJ Scotch Egg Wikipedia

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