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DDO 190

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Right ascension  14 24 00
Group or cluster  M94 Group
Type  IAm
Constellation  Boötes
Declination  44° 30′ 00″
Absolute magnitude (V)  -14.19
Magnitude  13.25
Apparent magnitude (V)  13.25
DDO 190 httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
Distance  9.10×10^ ly (2.79 Mpc)h−1 0.73
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DDO 190 (or UGC 9240) is a dwarf irregular galaxy in the vicinity of the Milky Way, as it is relatively small and lacks clear structure. It is 9.10 million light-years (2.79 Mpc) away from us and lies out of the Local Group, determined by the tip of the red giant branch method. The outskirts of the galaxy are harbouring older (reddish) stars, while the centre is crowded with younger (bluish) stars. Heated gas is observed at several places. DDO 190 still experiences some active star formation. The galaxy is categorised as a Magellanic dwarf galaxy of morphological type Im. Its metallicity is [Fe/H] = −1.55 ± 0.12.

DDO 190 is small, but not tiny: about 15,000 light years across—about 1/6 the size of our galaxy. It is also well outside the Local Group, which contains nearby galaxies (the Andromeda galaxy is less than 3 million light years distant from Earth, for comparison), and is instead thought to be part of the M94 galaxy group. But if true it is fairly isolated even from the others on its team; the nearest neighbor appears to be another dwarf galaxy, DDO 187, at a distance of 3 million light-years (0.92 Mpc).


The galaxy was discovered by the Canadian astronomer Sidney van der Bergh in 1959 and put in the DDO catalogue.


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