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Cynanchum laeve

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Apocynaceae
Genus  Cynanchum
Higher classification  Cynanchum
Order  Gentianales
Subfamily  Asclepiadoideae
Scientific name  Cynanchum laeve
Rank  Species
Cynanchum laeve Cynanchum laeve page
Similar  Cynanchum, Asclepiadoideae, Apocynaceae, Cynanchum louiseae, Asclepias viridis

Cynanchum laeve top 6 facts

Cynanchum laeve is a vining perennial herb native to eastern and central U.S. states and Ontario. Common names include sand vine, honeyvine, honeyvine milkweed, bluevine milkweed, climbing milkweed, and smooth swallow-wort.

Cynanchum laeve Honeyvine Milkweed 10 seeds Sandvine Cynanchum laeve by SmartSeeds

Like bindweed and some other members of the Convolvulaceae, Cynanchum laeve is a twining vine with heart-shaped leaves common in roadsides, fence rows, fields, and disturbed areas. However, C. laeve is easily recognized as a member of the Asclepiadoideae by its opposite leaf placement, milky sap and distinctive flowers and follicles ("milkweed pods"). The seeds are wind dispersed and can travel long distances.

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Cynanchum laeve is considered a noxious weed in several states, and can be very difficult to eradicate from fields because of its deep, extensive root system. Like many other milkweed species, C. laeve contains toxic cardenolide alkaloids, and is a food plant for the caterpillars of monarch butterflies.

Cynanchum laeve Cynanchum laeve Honeyvine Discover Life

Synonymous plant names include Ampelamus albidus (Nutt.) Britton, Ampelamus laevis (Michx.) Krings, and Gonolobus laevis Michx.

Cynanchum laeve Cynanchum laeve Honeyvine Discover Life
Cynanchum laeve Cynanchum laeve Honeyvine Discover Life
Cynanchum laeve Cynanchum laeve page
Cynanchum laeve Monarch Watch Milkweed Photo Guide Cynanchum laeve Sand Vine
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