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Asclepias viridis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Apocynaceae
Genus  Asclepias
Order  Gentianales
Subfamily  Asclepiadoideae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Asclepias asperula, Asclepias verticillata, Asclepias viridiflora, Asclepias sullivantii, Asclepias purpurascens

Monarch caterpillar eating asclepias viridis milkweed at wpwp

Asclepias viridis is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family known by the common names green antelopehorn and spider milkweed. It is native to the southcentral and southeastern United States.


This milkweed is a perennial herb with alternately arranged leaves. The inflorescence is an umbel of white flowers with purplish centers.

Asclepias viridis Asclepias viridis

This species grows on many types of soil. It is common in overgrazed pasture land and roadsides.

This, like some other milkweed species, is a host plant for the monarch butterfly.

Dscn8061monarch caterpillar eats asclepias viridis leaf 2 oct 2015

Asclepias viridis Asclepias viridis Bring Back The Monarchs
Asclepias viridis Asclepias viridis
Asclepias viridis Asclepias viridis Green antelopehorn NPIN
Asclepias viridis Asclepias viridis Bring Back The Monarchs


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