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Cyberdog (shop)

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Cyberdog is a trance music and cyber clothing/accessory retail chain, headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It specialises in bright fluorescent dance clothing, often featuring electronic components such as flashing lights. They also specialise in rave accessories such as glowsticks and UV-fluorescent items.


Cyberdog is a store in England that sells rave-wear and toys divided into four categories: Kawaii, Neon Clubwear, 2090s (or Futuristic), and Cybertronic. Within these sections, you can find clothing, jewelry, shoes and rave-toys. Cyberdog is inspired by rave culture and the future. The store is well known in London rave and club culture.

Cyberdog was founded by fashion designer Terry Davy and business manager Spiros Vlahos; the two are partners in life as well as in business. They began with a small stall in Camden Market in 1994, mostly selling goa trance items and designer clothing created by Davy. The couple's pet chihuahua, "Chichi the Cyberdog", inspired the name of their store and was featured as part of its brand image.

The business was a success, and has since grown considerably, and relocated to a large underground space in the Stables Market part of Camden Market. Expanding the business in another way, there are now Cyberdog franchises in Manchester & Brighton, England and in Ibiza Town in the Balearic Islands of Spain; a world-renowned centre of club culture. In November 2012, Cyberdog announced the launch of a sister brand 'Futurelovers', selling sex toys and fetish clothing.


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