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Cuerpo y Alma

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Released  16 May 2000
Length  49:26
Cuerpo y Alma / I'm Yours (2000)  Soraya (2003)
Release date  16 May 2000
Genres  Latin pop, Worldbeat
Recorded  1998-1999
Producer  Soraya, Tony Nicholas
Artist  Soraya Arnelas
Label  Mercury Records
Similar  Torre de Marfil, On Nights Like This, Dreamer, Ochenta's

Soraya cuerpo y alma bilingual version

Cuerpo y Alma (I'm Yours in Non-Spanish-speaking territories) is the third bilingual studio album by Colombian-American singer-songwriter Soraya, released on May 6, 2000 by Universal Music Latin. All the songs on the album are original and were fully or partly composed by Soraya.


To date, the record has sold over 500.000 copies worldwide.

Soraya cuerpo y alma quedate recital chile 2005

Track listing

All tracks composed by Soraya

  1. "Cuerpo y Alma"
  2. "Algo Tan Mio"
  3. "¿En Dónde Estas?"
  4. "Half"
  5. "When Did I Say That?"
  6. "Tu Amor, Mi Amor"
  7. "You And I"
  8. "Need To Be Found"
  9. "Despues De Amar Así"
  10. "La Misma Historia"
  11. "Amigo Mío"
  12. "Dance Of The Waiting"

I'm Yours (English Version)

  1. "I'm Yours (Soul Solution Mix)"
  2. "Sense Of Belonging"
  3. "Where Did You Go?"
  4. "Half"
  5. "When Did I Say That?"
  6. "This Love"
  7. "Tu Y Yo"
  8. "Need To Be Found"
  9. "Bliss"
  10. "La Misma Historia"
  11. "I'll Be There"
  12. "Dance Of The Waiting"
  13. "Where Did You Go? (Niño Remix)"
  14. "Tu Y Yo (Soul Solution Mix)"


1Cuerpo Y Alma (Soul Solution Mix)3:52
2Algo Tan Mio4:23
3En Donde Estas?3:35


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