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Crystal Ong

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Chinese name  王雪晶 (simplified)
Birth name  Ong Shir Ching
Occupation  singer
Name  Crystal Ong
Music group  M-Girls (2000 – 2014)
Pinyin  Wangxuejing (Mandarin)
Other name(s)  王雪晶
Years active  1994–present
Role  Actress

Born  19 May 1986 (age 29) Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia (1986-05-19)
People also search for  Queenz Cheng, Cass Chin, Angeline Khoo

crystal ong

Crystal Ong (Chinese: 王雪晶; pinyin: Wangxuejing, born 19 May 1986) is a Malaysian actress and singer. She debuted in 1994 with her album titled 茶叶青 (Green Tea) Born in the same year Queenz Cheng (庄群施), Angeline Khoo (邱燕妮) and Cass Chin (陈金燕) established four M-Girls combinations in late 2000. She has released over 40 albums to date.


Crystal Ong 王雪晶-卖汤丸

Early album (Child Ballad /Chinese New Year album)

  • 茶叶青 Green Tea (Crystal 1994 Solo Album)
  • 鱼儿那里来 Where Do Fish Come From (Crystal 1995 Solo Album)
  • 大家来环保 Come, Let's Be Environmentally Friendly(Crystal 1995 Solo Album)
  • 彩色精灵 I、II Colour Wizard I、II Crystal 1996 Albums)
  • 双星报喜 I、II Double Stars Bring Luck I、II (Crystal & Queenz 1995 & 1996 Chinese New Year Albums)
  • 雅歌群星龙狮会 Ya-Ko Stars Lion Dance (Crystal, Queenz & Ya-Ko Stars 1995 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 雅歌群星贺新年 Ya-Ko Stars Celebrate the New Year (Queenz, Crystal & Ya-Ko Stars 1996 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 飞越西洋 Over the Atlantic (Crystal and Huang Ke Qiu 1997 Album)
  • 花花絮絮 Highlights (Crystal & Queenz)
  • 双星再报喜 Double Stars Bring Luck Again (Crystal and Cassandra 1997 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 双星报双喜 Double Stars Bring Double Luck (Crystal and Cassandra 1998 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 美少女战士 Sailor Moon (Crystal 1997 Solo Album)
  • 青苹果 I、II Green Apple I、II Crystal 1998 Solo Album)
  • 天王童星携手拜年 King Child Stars Together Wishing a Happy New Year (Angeline & Crystal 1999 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 兔气扬眉庆丰年 Tu Qi Yang Mei Qing Feng Nian (Queenz, Crystal, Cassandra & Ya-Ko Stars 1999 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 山歌黄梅调 Huang Mei Diao Mountain Songs (Queenz, Crystal, Cassandra)
  • 三星拱照庆龙年 Three Stars Celebrate the Year of the Dragon (Queenz, Crystal, Cassandra 2000 Chinese New Year Album)
  • 粉红世界 Pink World (Crystal 2000 Solo Album)
  • 福建经典名曲对对唱 Fujian Classics Duets (Crystal & Angeline 1999 Album)
  • 民谣 Folk Songs 2 in 1 (Queenz, Crystal, Cassandra 2000 Album)
  • Pop Albums

  • Dance With Me (2001)
  • 耍花样 Playful Tricks (2003)
  • 笨金鱼 Silly Goldfish (2004)
  • 爱情密码 Love Code (MV collection) (2004)
  • 尼罗河 Nile River (2005)
  • My Way (2013)
  • Chinese New Year Albums

  • 开心迎接丰收年 Happily Welcoming the Harvest Year (2001)
  • 飞跃新年 Leaping New Year (2002)
  • 新年YEAH! New Year YEAH! (2003)
  • 春风催花开 Flowers Blossom in the Spring (2004)
  • 开心年 Happy Year (2005)
  • 同庆共乐 Celebrate Together (2006)
  • 世外桃源 Paradise (2007)
  • 八大巨星 好日子 Eight Superstars Good Day(2007)
  • 福禄寿星拱照·花仙子 Fu Lu Shou Xing Gong Zhao . Flower Fairy(2008)
  • 桃花开了 Peach Blossoms (2009)
  • 金玉满堂 Abundant Wealth(2010)
  • 团聚 Reunion (2013)
  • 真欢喜 True Joy (2014)
  • 新春佳期(2015)
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