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Cryptocoryne undulata

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Araceae
Tribe  Cryptocoryneae
Scientific name  Cryptocoryne undulata
Rank  Species
Order  Alismatales
Subfamily  Aroideae
Genus  Cryptocoryne
Higher classification  Cryptocoryne
Cryptocoryne undulata undulatajpeg
Similar  Cryptocoryne, Cryptocoryne beckettii, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Cryptocoryne × willisii, Cryptocoryne walkeri

Plant profiles cryptocoryne undulata

Cryptocoryne undulata (also known as Undulate cryptocoryne) is a plant species belonging to the Aroid genus Cryptocoryne.


Cryptocoryne undulata broad leaves


Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryneundulatajpg

In the literature of the 60's this plant was considered a form of C. willisii but see the cryptocoryne page for a discussion of the name change and the 'diploid and 'triploid' forms.


Sri Lanka, Thailand


Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne undulata 39Broad Leaves39 Tropica Aquarium Plants

Its long, ruffled dark green leaves may grow to more than 14 inches (35 cm) when mature. It is variable in form under different conditions and origin; low light levels may produce light green leaves.


Cryptocoryne undulata cryptocoryneundulatapotjpg

Considered one of the easier cryptocorynes to grow in an aquarium, it will grow well partially and fully submersed and flowers relatively easily. It prefers bright light and a temperature range of 72-82 degrees F (22-28 degrees C). The 'diploid' form forms runners. Common in the aquarium trade.

Cryptocoryne undulata httpsiytimgcomvieNRtu7uEmS0hqdefaultjpg
Cryptocoryne undulata cryptoJPG
Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne undulata 39Broad Leaves39


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