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Crush Radio

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Broadcast area  Hertfordshire, England
Former frequencies  1278AM
Language(s)  English
Webcast  Web Stream
Format  Music radio, Talk radio
Owner  University of Hertfordshire

Trident Media Radio (formally known as Crush Radio, Campus Radio Hatfield [CRH] CRUSH and more recently, Crush 1278) is the student radio station of the University of Hertfordshire, England. TMR is run by students of the university.


In April 2013 Crush Radio won the award of "Best Media Committee" at the Student Recognition Evening held at the Hertfordshire Forum, meaning the Crush Radio Committee have now won the prestigious award 3 years in a row.

Crush is a non-profitable organisation run by student volunteers.


The first campus radio, often called student radio, station in the UK, TMR was founded in 1960 under the name of CRH (Campus Radio Hatfield). After starting as a, so called, "pirate radio station" CRH was turned into a University Society of the University of Hertfordshire and was renamed Crush 1278 for it broadcast on 1278AM frequency. As Crush became more accessible, via the internet, the name was changed again to Crush Radio. In 2009 Crush as a society merged with the other media societies of the Students union and the University of Hertfordshire as one media society, though Crush still used its own website and broadcast over 1278AM frequency, however it stopped broadcasting on 1278AM after the move in September 2009.

Renamed in 2016, Trident Media Radio has been broadcasting since 1960. It broadcasts online via the Tunein platform.


Trident Media Radio promotes a variety of shows from mainstream music to alternative shows, though the shows are usually banded together to promote continuity. Shows tend to change slot and members each semester based on the presenters and producers lecture timetables.

Guinness World Record Attempt

Inspired by BBC1’s ‘Longest Show Ever with Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave’ which ran in 2011 and was also for Comic Relief, members of Crush Radio thought to attempt the ‘Longest Team Radio Show’ as a way to raise money for a cause. The team consisted of presenters Seb Scott and Kieran Ward, and producers Gage Holding, Christopher Thomson, Elisabeth Schütz, Dan Lewis and Sam Kelly. With members of the Students Union staff, Societies and their members, and members of the university to act as witnesses.

The show commenced at 3pm on Thursday 14 March 2013 and the record was unofficially broken at 3 pm on Sunday. To be clear of the record the team continued on until 7pm to ensure their place in the record books.

Over the course of this show the broadcast brought in over 1200 listeners to the website, over 500 people viewed the uStream that was set up in the studio and the team managed to raise over £2000 for comic relief.

Guinness World Records failed the record attempt on an infringement of 2 rules. The first being the contestants taken their breaks separately whereas the rules dictated they should be taken together. The second was the way in which witnesses were organized. Crush Radio used witnesses who were students at the University of Hertfordshire, therefore members of the same Student Union that Crush Radio is a part of. This meant the witnesses were related to the contestants and so their judging and assessment of the record was not impartial and so broke the rules of the record attempt.


TMR is managed by a large team of students. There is a Station Manager and below them different roles filled to keep a constant hold on the radio station/society. In accord with this working in the Students Union there is a member, their area of focus is Communications and Media, and this is the Media’s first port of call.


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