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Crotalus mitchellii angelensis

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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Serpentes
Subfamily  Crotalinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Subspecies
Subphylum  Vertebrata
Family  Viperidae
Genus  Crotalus
Higher classification  Crotalus mitchellii
Order  Scaled reptiles
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Scientific name  Crotalus mitchellii angelensis
Similar  Rattlesnake, Crotalus mitchellii, Snake, Crotalus molossus estebanensis, Reptile

Crotalus mitchellii angelensis, or the Angel de la Guarda Island speckled rattlesnake, is a venomous pitviper subspecies endemic to Isla Ángel de la Guarda in the Gulf of California, Mexico. It is sometimes treated as a full species, Crotalus angelensis.



Grows to a maximum size of 137 centimetres (4.49 ft).

Geographic range

Found only on Isla Ángel de la Guarda in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The type locality given is "about 4 miles southeast of Refugio Bay, at 1500 feet elevation, Isla Angel de la Guarda, Gulf of California, México (near 29°29½'N, 113°33'W)" (4 miles = 6.4 km; 1,500 feet = 460 m).


Gravelly beaches along the shore; rocky arroyos, washes, and on the hillsides of the island's interior, from sea-level up to 500 m.

Conservation status

This species is classified as "Least Concern" (LC) on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It occurs in a protected area and is very abundant within its small range.


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