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Crocodile 2: Death Swamp

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Director  Gary Jones
Initial DVD release  August 13, 2002
Language  English
3.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror, Thriller
Budget  2.2 million USD
Country  United States
Crocodile 2: Death Swamp wwwgstaticcomtvthumbdvdboxart31141p31141d

Release date  August 1, 2002
Writer  Jace Anderson (screenplay), Boaz Davidson (story), Adam Gierasch (screenplay)
Cast  Heidi Lenhart, Martin Kove, Jon Sklaroff, James Parks, David Valcin
Similar movies  Crocodile 2: Death Swamp and Crocodile are part of the same movie series, Primeval (2007), Rogue (2007), Croc (2007), Lake Placid 2 (2007)

Crocodile 2 death swamp 2002 trailer

Crocodile 2: Death Swamp, called Crocodile 2: Death Roll when broadcast on TV, is a 2002 horror film directed by Gary Jones and released directly to DVD on August 1, 2002. The film is a loose sequel to the 2000 film Crocodile. It was filmed in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India. The film features the two surviving crocodiles from the first film.


Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Crocodile 2 Death Swamp 2002

Crocodile 2 death swamp official trailer


After a bank robbery, four criminals try to escape to the village of Santo Cristo in Acapulco, but they hijack the plane when a storm requires the pilot to start to turn around. They force the pilot to continue flying. After the copilot struggles with one of the hijackers, the plane's instrument panel is destroyed and it crashes. Most of the passengers and one of the hijackers die in the crash. The criminals gather the remaining passengers, killing those too injured to be of use, and force the rest to haul their loot through the swamp to the town they need to reach to finish their escape. While they gather the loot, a crocodile suddenly emerges from the water and eats the pilot. The criminals empty three guns into it, killing it.

Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Crocodile 2 Death Swamp 2002 Trailer YouTube

As they travel through the swamp, they start falling prey to the dead crocodile's furious 30 foot mother (The crocodile from the first film). As the passengers struggle to survive crocodile, the only hope for rescue is in the hands of Zach, the boyfriend of one of the stewardesses and a tracker he runs into a bar that he hires to search for the crashed plane. Max (leader of the terrorists) forces the tracker to leave Mia (the stewardess) and Zach behind. But during the flight, Roland (the tracker) grabs Max's gun and shoots Max in the chest, killing him. When Roland tries to turn back, his chopper is grabbed by the crocodile. The croc leaves Roland to die in an explosion. Mia and Zach become the only survivors and kill the croc by using a life boat's gasoline and lighting it with her lighter, resulting in the croc blowing up. At the end of the film, Mia and Zach are at a resort swimming. As Mia jumps in the water the croc appears, she then wakes up with Zach, realizing that it was just a dream. A loud roar is heard as the camera zooms out the swamp, foreshadowing another beast of some sort.


Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Crocodile 2 Death Swamp 2002 In Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

  • Heidi Lenhart as Mia Bozeman
  • Chuck Walczak as Zach Thowler
  • Jon Sklaroff as Sol
  • Darryl Theirse as Max
  • David Valcin as Justin Reynolds
  • James Parks as Squid
  • Martin Kove as Roland
  • Steve Moreno as Brian
  • Billy Rieck as Pete
  • Anna Cranage as Julie Landon
  • Dan Martin as Pilot
  • Sean Euro as Sean

  • Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Crocodile 2 Death Swamp Official Trailer YouTube

    Crocodile 2: Death Swamp Crocodile 2 Death Swamp 2002 Trailer 1080p YouTube


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