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Country of origin  Australia
No. of seasons  1
First episode date  15 January 2016
Genre  Preschool
Original language(s)  English
Location(s)  Brisbane, Queensland
Number of seasons  1
Language  English
Crocamole httpsimagestenplaycomaumediaTV20ShowsE
Starring  Emily Dickson Callan Warner Jack Kelly
No. of episodes  160 (as of 9 February 2017)
Number of episodes  160 (as of 9 February 2017)
Similar  Toasted TV, Totally Wild, Scope, Crunch Time, Jay's Jungle

Crocamole is an Australian television series for preschoolers which first aired on Eleven on 15 January 2016. The series is food based and is designed as a cooking show for young children. Filmed in Brisbane, it stars Emily Dickson as Molly, a magical rainbow sprite, and Callan Warner as Truffle, an inventor chef, joined by a puppet crocodile named Croc, played by Jack Kelly. The series airs weekdays at 9:30 am on Eleven.


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  • Emily Dickson as Molly
  • Callan Warner as Truffle
  • Jack Kelly as Croc
  • Format

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    Like its predecessors, Crocamole is aimed at preschoolers and features a central theme of exploring and discovering the world. Set in a kitchen, Crocamole is designed as a creative cooking show for children which educates the audience on healthy eating. The three presenters use food to explore a theme for each episode, while also singing various songs based on the day's theme, and playing games.

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    Other features of each episode include Kitchen Detectives, which involves searching for kitchen items beginning with a certain letter, Tiny Tales, which are daily stories, and opening mail from viewers. Also featured are three puppet strawberry characters called the Strawberry Sisters.

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    The series conveys the message that "across all cultures, the kitchen is the beating heart of every household. It is where meals are created and prepared with care and love to nourish children and families." The educational focus of the show addresses nutrition, numeracy, literacy, and gross and fine motor skills.


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    The series premiered on Eleven on 15 January 2016, replacing Wurrawhy and airing 9:30 am weekdays. The first airing block contained 45 episodes and finished in March. New episodes returned on 20 May 2016, with 46 additional episodes airing until July. Another block of episodes began on 29 August 2016, with 55 episodes airing until November. The series concluded with a final block of 14 final episodes, which aired from 23 January 2017 to February. The first series contained 160 episodes in total.

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    Crocamole Cast Crocamole Network Ten
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