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Croatian Encyclopedic Dictionary

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Croatian Encyclopedic Dictionary
Authors  Antun Alegro, Vladimir Anić
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Croatian Encyclopedic Dictionary (Croatian: Hrvatski enciklopedijski rječnik) is a dictionary of the Croatian language published in 2002 as one volume edition by the publisher Novi Liber. Second edition of the dictionary in 12 volumes was published in 2004 by the Novi Libar and Hanza Media. Chief editors of the dictionary are Ljiljana Jojić and Ranko Matasović, while the authors are Vladimir Anić, Dunja Brozović-Rončević, Ivo Goldstein, Slavko Goldstein and Ivo Pranjković. In addition, there are twenty-three associates.



The dictionary contains 175,000 processed terms of which 47,000 are Croatian names, family names and places of their distribution, and 18,000 processed names in geography, history, mythology and general culture.

A group of authors and assistants worked on the preparation of the Dictionary from 1999 until 2002. Their main source materials were Dictionary of Croatian language by Vladimir Anić (1st edition in 1991, then two expanded editions in 1994 and 1998), Dictionary of Foreign Words by Vladimir Anić and Ivo Goldstein (1st edition in 1999, 2nd revised in 2000) and Croatian National Corpus.

The concept of the Dictionary is highly descriptive because authors aim was to collect and lexicographically process contemporary Croatian language, and not to rewrite what words should be considered as standard. However, prescriptive elements cannot be completely avoided in any dictionary.


Croatian Encyclopedic Dictionary in its 2nd edition bears the ISBN 953-6045-28-1. The first volume has 83 introductory pages marked with Roman numerals. Last, 12th volume, contains supplements between pages 223. and 335. The last word in the dictionary is žvrljotina (scribbles). The dictionary comes with a spelling manual prepared by Ljiljana Jojić and her associates; Ljiljana Čikota, Ivo Pranjković and Vesna Zečević. The dictionary has a total of 4286 pages, which, together with spelling manual, totals 4474 pages.


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