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Kingdom  Animalia
Species  C. mucedo
Rank  Genus
Class  Phylactolaemata
Phylum  Bryozoa
Cristatella wwwbryozoansnlpicturescristatellamucedo1jpg
Family  Cristatellidae Allman, 1856
Similar  Cristatella mucedo, Phylactolaemata, Plumatella, Pectinatella, Plumatella repens

Cristatella mucedo moss animal

Cristatella mucedo is a bryozoan in the family Cristatellidae, and the only species of the genus Cristatella.


Hydrozagadka 3 hydroriddle 3 mucedo cristatella mucedo


Cristatella Cristatella mucedo

The species can be found in north-eastern North America (Canada, and United States), Northern Europe, including United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands from sea level to 1,116 metres (3,661 ft) asl.

Habitat and ecology

Cristatella Cristatella mucedo freshwater Bryozoan or moss animal 2012

The species prefers cold climate waters. They live in statoblastic colonies. The habitat is either lotic or lentic, including man-made water bodies such as gravel pits.

Cristatella Cristatella mucedo

Populations in Europe are genetically relatively homogeneous, perhaps reflecting postglacial colonization representing a single lineage. In contrasts, North American populations are highly diverse. There is some evidence of two different major lineages, perhaps representing cryptic species or subspecies, with hybridization that have boosted genetic diversity.

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Cristatella MicUK Freshwater Bryozoans
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