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Crested mangabey

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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Primates
Subfamily  Cercopithecinae
Scientific name  Lophocebus
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Cercopithecidae
Tribe  Papionini
Higher classification  Papionini
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Lower classifications  Grey‑cheeked mangabey, Black crested mangabey, Uganda mangabey, Johnston's mangabey, Opdenbosch's mangabey

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The crested mangabeys are West-African Old World monkeys belonging to the genus Lophocebus. They tend to have dark skin, eyelids that match their facial skin, and crests of hair on their heads. Another genus of mangabeys, Cercocebus, was once thought to be very closely related, so much so that all the species were placed in one genus. However, it is now understood that Lophocebus species are more closely related to the baboons in genus Papio, while the Cercocebus species are more closely related to the mandrill. In 2006, the highland mangabey was moved from Lophocebus to a new genus, Rungwecebus.


Crested mangabey 1000 images about Primates Old World Black Crested Mangabey


Crested mangabey Black crested mangabey videos photos and facts Lophocebus

  • Genus Lophocebus
  • Grey-cheeked mangabey, Lophocebus albigena
  • Black crested mangabey, Lophocebus aterrimus
  • Opdenbosch's mangabey, Lophocebus opdenboschi
  • Uganda mangabey, Lophocebus ugandae
  • Johnston's mangabey, Lophocebus johnstoni
  • Osman Hill's mangabey, Lophocebus osmani

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    Crested mangabey Black crested mangabey videos photos and facts Lophocebus

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