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Crepis nicaeensis

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Asteraceae
Genus  Crepis
Order  Asterales
Tribe  Cichorieae
Rank  Species
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Similar  Crepis conyzifolia, Crepis pyrenaica, Crepis pulchra, Crepis pontana, Crepis setosa

Crepis nicaeensis is a European species of flowering plant in the daisy family with the common names French hawk's-beard and Turkish hawksbeard. It is widespread across much of Europe, as well as being sparingly naturalized in scattered locations in the United States and Canada.

Crepis nicaeensis is an annual or biennial herb up to 110 cm (44 inches) tall. One plant can produce as many as 15 flower heads, each with as many as 60 yellow ray florets but no disc florets.


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