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Creepware is a spyware software that allows hackers, online predators and cyber criminals eavesdrop on the victim's personal computer, tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone or other device (such as IoT — internet of things) that has internet connectivity and usually a webcam and a microphone. Many times Creepware bypasses firewalls, antivirus and other security countermeasures because end-users trust downloadable applications (Apps) from online stores hosted by Apple at iTunes, Google at Play and Microsoft Apps Store. There have been hundreds of millions of downloads of Creepware and most still goes undetected.



Studying the victim's behavior to create a database of information on them to 'upsell' and advertise items to them, without telling them all the ways they collect this information. According to Edward Snowden, the advertising network connections used by free apps including Angry Birds can be used by the NSA as well as cyber criminals to eavesdrop on victims, without their knowledge.


Attackers use the victim’s webcam and/or microphone to secretly record them.

Information/file stealing

Information such as banking details or passwords and files such as pictures and videos can be copied or deleted.


Pictures or videos stolen from the computer, or recorded using the webcam, are used to force the victim into posing for explicit pictures or videos, performing sexual acts, or coercing money from the victim.


The attackers use creepware to cause the computer to behave strangely by opening pornographic or shocking websites, displaying abusive messages, or in some cases causing system damage all for their amusement.

Using computer for DDoS attacks, etc.

Compromised computers can be used to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, bitcoin mining, or other functions where it may be beneficial for the attacker to use victims’ resources.


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