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Crazy Drake

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Neurotech Software

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Single-player video game

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Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, DOS

Spooky Castle: The Adventures Of Kid Mystic, Clyde's Adventure, CyberJudas

Let s play crazy drake part 1

Crazy Drake is a colorful platformer game released in 1996. You play as a duck named Prince Drake, and your mission is to rescue the golden egg from Dr. Foulbrain, an evil scientist.


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Crazy drake gameplay


Crazy Drake Crazy Drake The Obscuritory

All was well in Loonville (Ducktropolis in eGames version). King Drake and Queen Drake had flown south on a holiday and had left their son, Prince Drake, to guard over their kingdom and especially the sacred Golden Egg which was its power source. However, one night as the Prince was playing his favourite video game, the Evil Dr. Foulbrain broke into the Palace and stole the Sacred Golden Egg - just what he needed to help him create a hord of henchmen to take over Loonville/Ducktropolis. When Prince Drake realized the Sacred Golden Egg was missing, he knew it was a job for Crazy Drake. Not even his parents could recognize him in those red lycra shorts!

The Game

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There are six worlds in Crazy Drake (plus one bonus hidden level if all are completed). Each world (excluding the hidden level) has 3 levels each, featuring its own set of villains and its own theme.

Crazy Drake Let39s Play Crazy Drake Part 1 YouTube

  • At the end of each level 1, there is a boss that has something to do with the world, for example aliens for Sci-Fi Space and a duck hunter for Fun Forest.
  • At the end of each level 2, you get grabbed into an elevator that takes you to level 3.
  • At the end of each level 3, Dr. Fowlbrain appears as the boss to end that world.
  • Also, each level 2 is set in the air, and not on the ground. There is always one hidden life hiding in a level 2, and ropes are generally used.

    World 1: Fun Forest

  • Villains: Butterfly, Flower, Shark (levels 1 and 3)
  • Bosses: Duck Hunter (level 1), Dr. Fowlbrain destroy the controlling jumping bombs (final boss)
  • Fun Forest is set in a tree and bush filled forest. Level 2 is set on a waterslide.

    World 2: Factory Frolics

  • Villains: Robots (levels 1 and 3) Helicopter, Milkshake Maker (all levels)
  • Bosses: Office worker (level 1), Dr. Fowlbrain destroy in a space suit firing mini-rockets (final boss)
  • Factory Frolics is set in a factory. It is full of chutes, pipes, and gears. Level 2 is set on moving Platform(s), conveyor belts and ropes.

    World 3: Haunted House

  • Villains: Zombie, Eyeball, Cactus (levels 1 and 3) Bat, Open Coffins (all levels)
  • Bosses: Flying "hippobee" around dartboard (level 1), Dr. Fowlbrain undressed as the Grim Reaper
  • Haunted House is set in a haunted house, hence its name. It features a dark cloudy sky, many bones, and some dirt ground. Level 2 is set on dropping beds, hang-lifts, and bones.

    World 4: Eerie Egypt

  • Villains: Pharaoh, Mummy (levels 1 and 3) Ancient Bird, Crocodile (all levels)
  • Bosses: Pounding heart in container (level 1) Dr. Fowlbrain destroy controlling a zapping machine (final boss)
  • Eerie Egypt is set in ancient Egypt. In the background, you can see a likeness of Drake molded onto a pyramid. Level 2 is set on moving platforms, conveyor belts and hang-lifts.

    World 5: Sci-Fi Space

  • Villains: Alien Ghost (levels 1 and 3) UFO, Alien trappers (all levels)
  • Bosses: Pinkish globby alien (level 1) Boxcar fight, Dr. Fowlbrain destroy is in the opposing boxcar (final boss)
  • Sci-Fi Space is set in an outer space type platform. There is tons of space ports, and the background is a star lit sky. Level 2 is set on moving platforms and hang-lifts.

    World 6: Slippery Snowland

  • Villains: Dwarf, Jack in the Box (levels 1 and 3) Crow, Ice (all levels)
  • Bosses: Evil snowman (level 1) Dr. Fowlbrain destroy shooting presents (final boss)
  • Slippery Snowland is set in a Christmas-like land. It features cottages, snow, and ice. Level 2 is set on moving cupcakes, and hang-lifts.

    Hidden Level ("Super Secret Level")

  • Villains: Robot (from Factory Frolics), UFO (from Sci-Fi Space), Jack in the Box (from Slippery Snowland), Milkshake maker (from Factory Frolics)
  • Final Boss: Gigantic Dr. Fowlbrain head with guns from all directions, with hang glide surrounding it.
  • Once you have completed the six worlds, you come to the final level. This level is modeled after Factory Frolics, with a different color scheme and villains from previous levels.

    There is only one level in this world. Once you have completed this, you win the game. The win message explains that Drake has now recovered the egg. It then goes back to where it started when it reveals that Drake has once again lost the egg, prompting the player to play the game again.


    The game did fairly well when it was released. There is some similarities of this game with Earthworm Jim.

    A new version of the game, made by eGames, was released in 2000. It was featured in the CD-ROM game package Arcade Classics, which featured other eGames titles such as Speedy Eggbert and Demonstar.


  • The eGames version is different from the original DOS version. For example, Drake wears a red mask and lives in Ducktroplis in the eGames version; while in the original 1996 version he is bare-faced, making a silly face, and lives in Loonsville.
  • There is a glitch in the boss of the Eerie Egypt level 1. If the player moves a certain way, the pounding heart container will disappear, then re-appear at random.
  • Another glitch can be found in Sci-Fi Space. By jumping onto a certain platform in level 1, the character falls through an unknown layout until the game crashes.
  • Apparently, the final bosses of Factory Frolics and Sci-Fi Space were swapped for no explained reason.
  • Prince Drake's favorite video game was Foulball, but it never made it into the story line documents. (Trivia added by One Reality)
  • The Slippery Snowland levels originally had the song Jingle Bells, but for legal reasons One Reality had Neurotech change the song. (Trivia added by One Reality)
  • The Elf on the Slippery Snowland levels originally was Santa Claus, but One Reality had Neurotech change it because if played by a child, shooting Santa wasn't cool. (Trivia added by One Reality)
  • The music in the Spooky Castle level was meant to have the Theremin throughout the entire track but the musician got sick of it quickly and changed it to something more up-tempo with a "switching to another radio station" edit between the two tracks.
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