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Crabs (film)

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Directed by  Pierce Berolzheimer
Initial release  2016
Written by  Pierce Berolzheimer
Language  English
Director  Pierce Berolzheimer

Crabs! is an upcoming American horror comedy monster movie written and directed by Pierce Berolzheimer and starring Jessica Morris and Dylan Riley Snyder.


Plot synopsis

Mutated by nuclear runoff in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, a horde of murderous horseshoe crabs descend on the sleepy town of Mendocino, California.


  • Jessica Morris as Annalise Menrath
  • Dylan Riley Snyder as Philip McCalister
  • Bryce Durfee as Hunter McCalister
  • Allie Jennings as Maddy Menrath
  • Chase Padgett as Radu
  • Robert Craighead as Sheriff Flannigan
  • Katrina Landa as Willa
  • Kurt Carley as The Limulus
  • Production

    Crabs! was shot on location in Mendocino, California and neighboring Fort Bragg in the early months of 2015. The film was specifically written to take place in Mendocino, where writer-director Berolzheimer grew up, and many locals were recruited as extras and production interns, while five local actors were cast in minor speaking roles.

    Special effects on the film were supervised by Jim Ojala of Ojala Productions, who also served as a co-producer.

    Parts of Crabs! were screened at the Frontières International Co-Production Market at the Fantasia International Film Festival in July 2015, showing rough cuts of the film edited by Berolzheimer himself in the hopes of finding sales and finance partners and finishing services. In a review of the films featured at the event, Twitch Film lauded Crabs! as having "crowd-pleaser written all over it" and "a lot of fun with tongue firmly planted in its cheek". On September 25, 2015, it was announced that Canadian company Raven Banner Entertainment had acquired Crabs! for worldwide sales and joined on as executive producers.


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